Class 3 Slides


Games are…

  • entertainment
  • patterns
  • video game is an alternate universe or reality; they’re very realistic nowadays
  • set of rules to achieve a goal; to win
  • to challenge our minds
  • mode of play in which a willing participant or player explores, learns and evolves through decision making
  • competition (sometimes)
  • form of play or sport especially one played according to rules
  • action meant to be for entertainment
  • something that someone enjoys doing; if you don’t enjoy then it’s not a game
  • series of challenges in an environment
  • interactive system designed to capture the attention of the participant through a feedback loop
  • games are simulations that exercise the human brain
  • puzzle meant to be fun or challenging
  • an electronic form of play that involves human interaction of some sort
  • suspended state in which the participants adhere to a distinctly non-realistic set of rules
  • a hobby to get away
  • escape reality
  • story chosen by the player
  • form of entertainment in which you are able to play with others or just yourself
  • a form of distraction
  • separate reality made up of code that causes the player to interact with their surroundings
  • set of goals that give the sense of progress

challenge x 3

entertainment / enjoys x 4

play[er] x 6

interact / decision making / chosen x 5

real x4

rules / goals x 4

story x 2


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