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The past two weeks our Gasp: Video Games as an Art course, we have been playing multiple games in class and on our own. We had a total class discussion over the course on which games we were playing after discussing our readings. We had one or sometime two students volunteer to play each game. During gameplay we discuss how difficult it is to play and what features they enjoy about playing the game and which features they dislike. The game playing process is very enjoyable to watch. We get to see how the player interacts with the game and see his struggle in understanding the concept of the game and learning the controls to each game. After the player is finished playing the game we discuss what worked and what didn’t work. One of our first games was Pac Man, this game was quite interesting how they set up the borders and what they do to get to the main objective of the game. In the game there are many pellet type circles that make noise when Pac Man is eating them. Interactions through gameplay is meant to entertain the person playing, when we play these games in class we analyze the little details about the gameplay. When playing other games on my own time I had dealt with and had the hardest time learning how to use certain controls and gather objects to get a high score. An example would be when collecting pieces of garbage lying around the floor to build up a ball of junk to gain more points in the game. I started to see that the ball would get harder to spin when more pieces began to collect and I had to reach a certain amount of length to pick up a certain type of object in my ball of junk. The controls were very difficult to spin at first because I was so used to playing with a different type of controller and system. The class also got together to play the Kim Kardashian game online. We had called up a volunteer to come up and play the game, we had found that being Kim meant you had to walk around and shop at different stores to gain points and move on further in the game. These games we play in class we then analyze our reactions and opinions on what worked in the game and what a characteristics could have been better. Creating a game can be very difficult. This class helps us define what makes a game interesting to play for a long time rather than pick it up for a day and move onto something better. The book we have to read for the class explains this perfectly. “A Theory of Fun and Game Design” tells us that a game could have bored us or kept us entertained for a long time, the reaction of the person really depends on the level of fun a game holds. It could be really hard and someone can really get tired of it in less than thirty minutes or it could be so easy that the person feels there is no challenge going on. This is a major way that the effectiveness of a game revolves against the objective of the game and how worthwhile the challenge is to the player.


3 thoughts on “Blog Jose Juarez

  1. So, this isn’t really addressing the prompt fully as it does not use your biweekly game. What game are you writing about here? What was the game you were arguing was a fun (or not) experience?


  2. I feel like you should’ve followed the prompt and perhaps included some visuals to help show the understanding and mechanics of the game. Having more organization would’ve helped the overall flow of the blog.


  3. You didn’t really go with the requirements of this blog. Considering this was your first blog , then its understandable that you’re still trying to get the hang of things.


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