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While this is not the first time I have ever put my hands on PAC-MAN, the nostalgic experience is always one to behold. The colors are done in a manner that puts you into a futuristic space with sounds and music that seems to almost take you back in time when video games were so much simpler. Speaking of simplistic, the controls are extremely easy to grasp and the concept of the game is thus, to collect all of the little, yellow balls before getting swallowed by the ghosts that constantly chase you throughout your game. As simple as the concept stands, it is that simple mechanic of exploring everywhere and hitting each location that is implemented into so many different games throughout history. Games are what keeps us occupied and take us away from this crummy world that surrounds us. They keep you occupied and the puzzling effect is what your brain craves after a long day of work. “Games are something special and unique. They are concentrated chunks ready for our brains to chew on.” (Koster). Straying your mind from the working world can be the perfect remedy to stress and angst; games stand as the perfect way to make this escape and for me personally, I have found one in PAC-MAN.

Playing PAC-MAN was definitely an enjoyable experience and one that I will for certain revisit when times get slow thanks to the fact that I have access to the game on my mobile device. What is fun about the game in my opinion is the fact that you can play it on the go. That ability to keep PAC-MAN in your pocket and access whenever you choose is what makes it fun to me. What keeps the game fun is the replay-ability. The game does set you up for failure and in the end you will lose but it is the strive to constantly set and break those high scores is what will keep me coming back to the game. One thing to understand is that this game is not one that you can sink hour after hour into consecutively, but a short burst of 4-5 minute plays in my opinion keeps it fresh and makes it feel like a new game in my hands each time I load up the emulator on my phone.

The fun that comes from this game doesn’t come from beautiful visuals or outstanding mechanics. The fun from PAC-MAN can be found in the understanding and growth in the skill level of myself, the player. “Fun from games arises out of mastery, learning is the drug, that moment of comprehension is what gets people hooked”(Koster). There lies an interactive learning curve that can be found within the mechanics of this game, the more you play it, the better you become. Striving to be better, to eventually become the best is what will keep me and many others who share the same opinion playing this game for years to come. This was a great experience having written about my “fun”  with PAC-MAN. This prompt has forced me to look deeper within the game than ever before and has lead me to grow an appreciation for the amount of designing that went into it. I look forward to more games and diving deeper with more experiences during the course of this class.


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  1. Pacman the original game of all childhoods. I definitely agree with KOSTER in which you say its for the brain to chew on. playing pacman there are definitely different tips and tricks your mind can learn and consume to avoid the ghost. As an avid pacman player goes along with KOSTER’s beliefs since I was able to learn some of the movements of the ghost in which different color ghost has different ways of movement for example one ghost chases you, while another ghost runs away from you so that eventually you will be trapped into either one or the other ghost in which you lose. After you master these techniques like you have mentioned, you will know every path they take and have FUN winning. Definitely looking forward to more games like you have mentioned and hope you have fun playing games!

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  2. While I do agree with you that Pac-Man is fun, sometimes playing it repeatedly for several days the game begins to become a little boring. I guess if new stimulus is added such as competing against a friend or relative Pac-Man gets really entertaining, but yes Pac-Man is exciting when one needs to relive some stress.

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  3. I definitely agree with the idea of a game as an escape from the working world that relaxes us.
    In regards, to playing it on the go, it let’s me know you really enjoyed this game since you’re willing to play it whenever you get the chance. Let’s the reader know you’ve experienced flow through this game because you simply can’t get enough of it. Which also encourages more players to try this game. Competition seems to be the main drive for the player, so I think this game would be great for competitive people!

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  4. You begin by talking about the visual appearance of the game. And yet, this aesthetic quality is absent from your paragraph on fun. Is aesthetics related to fun in any way? Are they in opposition? Something to think about…


  5. the simplicity of the game is what you find appealing, or that it allows you to be easily entertained by not making the game complicated to engage?


  6. I really liked how you inserted Koster’s quote about giving your brain something to chew. Pac Man is a game that is all about eating little balls to get bigger. I find the simplicity of the game to be appealing also because you don’t need past experience to know how to play the game all you need to know is the basic idea. Pacman will always be one of those game I will get nostalgia from whenever I decide to play it again.


  7. The game may be aesthetically pleasing to those who lived through that generation. But apart from that, you should further explain why it is an actual good game.


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