Meat Boy

Super meat boy according to the concept of fun it was AMAZING. The main reason why I chose this game was because I already owned this game on steam and have over a couple 50+ hours on the game. Kouster’s argument is to solve like a puzzle and in this game you have to cross the many challenging platforms as in the “map” to reach the end game or the goal. For example during the game play when you touch a “enemy” part of the obstacle you would have to start over. The summary or main basis of the game is a boy called meat boy who attempts to go through obstacles such as his girl called bandage who is abducted by Dr Fetus. I have no idea why these are the names of the characters but all towards making the game fun I guess. The Gameplay is basically using wall climbing techniques to avoid dangerous obstacles until you reach the bandage girl. Part of the puzzle or game play is when you reach her dr. Fetus will transport her elsewhere.

Playing this game is fun because it is frustrating in a fact that it gets users to have to play over and over again because in this game you definitely will fail over and over again. There would be times where the game would be too repetitive considering a level is too hard to beat so I would end up playing something else since it annoying to keep on losing. But in the end your mind and as humans we are competitive and want to win so eventually I will come back and attempt the level again. There is a sense of accomplishment after you win since after many and many tries you are finally able to save the bandage girl and achieve to a higher level in the game.

I personally enjoy games like these since it’s a challenge, games are supposed to be challenging because if it is too easy then the game will not be fun and you will end up being bored and quit. Considering the game is around three hundred levels in which I probably will never finish. To answer the question of Whose fun is probably the developers laughing in the back ground of how hard the game actually is but myself as a players is having fun trying to beat the game. What is fun in the game is the challenging aspect with the never ending death obstacles and levels that will probably like hours and days for humans to beat. This also goes along with why it is fun because of how hard and how I personally do not like to accept defeat. At some point this game is not fun after attempting to beat the game so many times at failing but eventually you will try again.

Koster said something about fun is another term for knowledge and the craving for something new. For example in the game as you go more in deeper you learn new tricks and tips of how to beat a level. In Meat boy there were certain obstacles or shortcuts I learned while playing that allowed me to beat the level. Overall I will recommend everyone to give this game a try


3 thoughts on “Meat Boy

  1. Where are you at particularly with the game now? It would be interesting to see, as someone who has played the game for some many hours, how your feelings about the gameplay, aesthetic choices of the designer, and other such features strike you now.


  2. Wow that is a lot of time spent on the game. I played it for a while and enjoyed it too. The challenge is what makes it fun. It is not too easy not to hard. Once you get in a flow the game becomes extremely fun.


  3. When you write, “all towards making the game fun I guess,” you do not seem too sure of yourself. You guess? It seems like you should know when you’re having fun (or not). And yet you aren’t. That seems like something to talk about. That idea that you “do not like to accept defeat” is also interesting in how it plays into the question of fun and why you might otherwise play this game for a reason other than fun/learning. Try to follow these types of unique trails in your blog entires. Otherwise, remember to edit! Clarity is very important for convincing a reader.


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