The Best Arcade Game Ever?!

maxresdefault2pac_man_ms_pac_man_by_nes__still_the_best-d5s4qe5We all have once begged our parents asking them for a quarter just so they could be able to play PAC-Man. PAC-Man is one of the most iconic video games ever created in video game history. Mostly everyone has played PAC-Man or Ms. PAC-Man once in their life, perhaps even spending several quarters in one sitting just to constantly be playing. PAC-Man has very basic rules, which are to eat all the small dots before the ghosts eat you. As easy as it sounds PAC-Man can be very “fun” at times since you can continuously do well in the game based on the decisions you make such as which way you want to move to eat the small dots which increase your score with each dot you eat. Another way to increase your score in PAC-Man is to eat the bigger sized dots to allow you to eat the ghosts and have them wind up back in the ghost house. With simple mechanics it is a game that even children can play and get addicted to. “Play is a voluntary activity or occupation executed within certain fixed limits of time and place.”(Huizinga 28) In PAC-Man, you don’t technically have a time limit you will eventually have the ghosts begin to surround you even more and more causing you to choose wisely of the best route to avoid getting eaten by the ghosts and continue eating the small balls.  In PAC-Man you have a certain amount of area  that you are able to run around, as in certain spots you are able to enter on one side and end up completely on the other side. This is a great mechanic to use to help escape the ghosts and get to the other side to continue eating the small dots.

Fun is the feeling you get once you get better and better at a game and begin feel joy out of playing it. According to Roger Caillois, games must be “free in which playing is not obligatory”, even though PAC-Man is technically “free” since no one is forcing you to play, but back in the day when PAC-Man first came out in order for you to actually play you were forced to pay one quarter. Now with technology improving you can find free versions of PAC-Man and/or Ms.PAC-Man anywhere on the internet. In my two weeks of playing PAC-Man I would just google up PAC-Man and it would be free for you to play as much as you want which is a luxury that we didn’t have when it first came out back in 1980. Playing PAC-Man was fun because you get satisfaction for doing better and better each time you play. In the beginning of playing PAC-Man again, it brought several memories of when I was a kid competing with several of my friends trying to get the highest score possible before dying. PAC-Man is a great way to distract yourself from the real world and get zoned into the world of PAC-Man. Even though PAC-Man can be fun it can also be extremely irritating since you can run the possibility of not eating all the small dots so you can’t move on or having the ghosts eat you very quickly once you get in the game. In the end PAC-Man is one of the most iconic and well known video games in history that will always be remembered for it’s history in arcades for being a great source of fun for the small price of 25 cents.


7 thoughts on “The Best Arcade Game Ever?!

  1. I thought you implemented the reading very nicely and how you talked about the experience that you had getting better and better each time you played. This resonates well with me because this was also where I found the fun in playing PAC-MAN all these years.


  2. First, remember that Huizinga is not really talking about the digital game world so much as your relationship to that world. You cannot get up and start playing Pac Man not on the screen. And your time playing it does not spread to your time doing other things. It is fixed in time and space that way. And yes, his take does not really account for things like cell phones and playing in class, it’s a serious problem with his theorization. Second, really try to stick with a concept when working through with it. Is it the free aspect, the score aspect, or the distraction aspect that you want to follow? You can’t do all in one paragraph, and neither is strong when they’re both given only a portion of your effort. Really follow one concept through in order to explain your take on whether it is fun. Show me in detail.


  3. Well written, glad to see someone else’s passion for playing a game like pac-man. I felt the same when being little asking for a quarter to play an arcade game like pac-man. I myself am a fan of playing the arcade version of a game rather than the online version for the full experience. I like the part where you stated, “Playing PAC-Man was fun because you get satisfaction for doing better and better each time you play.” it reminded me of what we learned through the reading of Koster. “Fun from games arises out of mastery. It arises out of comprehension. It is the act of solving puzzles that make games fun. In other words, with games, learning is the drug.” (Koster, p. 40) I felt that the more i knew and played the funner it was until i got bored over time. Do you think that playing it in an arcade where you had to pay to pay the game rather than the free online version is what essentially made this game fun? or would it be the same feeling for both.


    • I feel like having to pay to play the game in the arcade is what caused me to take it more seriously because I didn’t want to lose and have to pay another quarter to play again. For me playing seriously would result in me having more fun.


  4. Working towards better gameplay is always a good aspect in focusing in on the game, only complaint would be a better analysis of your quotes but besides that it was a great post.


  5. Interesting point of how one gets better and better the more they play. It shows the idea of progress as a player.


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