Group 2: Art

Christian Sanroman, Zain Subedar, Roberto Briones, Maya Gonzales

1) The original general meaning of art, to refer to any kind of skill. There is a difference between fine art and useful arts setting the standard for who is considered an artist or artisan.
2) Art produced by artists is looked at as beautiful while art which is produced by artisans is not considered beautiful. Games are art produced by artisans. This may be a reason why there is a debate on why video games are debated as art or not. They may not be beautiful like a Van Goh but does that make them art?
3) It relates back to the whole argument we’ve been learning in lecture that is a videogame really art? We see the difference between artist and artisan making it difficult to really give a name to the artist of a game.
4) We’ve seen it within the game itself. The images, graphics and multiple colors depicted in each game can be seen as art even down to each individual character’s design.


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