Group 6 Art

Art, aesthetic, culture, dialect
general definition paraphrasing quotes
-General definition of art refers to any kinds of skill is still active in english.
way it relates to other terms
– Any type of abilities or skills according to William’s is considered art dialect, or art of dancing,
how it relates to course concepts
– Art of gaming considering the fact that the definition is so vague, it takes skill to play a game therefore video gaming art.
how can we see it at play with the games that we seen so far
– For super meat boy it takes skill to progress of different learning patterns in levels.
-In PAC-MAN you use logic in learning as the game hardly tells you what to do when you start.

Art originates from any kind of skill but we have turned it into something special that acts exclusively as it disconnects it from the original term.

By: Christopher Low Christopher Guzman and Carlos Torres


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