Group 3: CULTURE

By: Rashley Castillo Erin Abon

Erin Abon

Dustin Nues

Robert Porcella


  • Definition
    • Culture is one of the two or three most complicated words in the English language. This is so partly because of its intricate historical development, in several European languages, but mainly because it has now come to be used for important concepts in several distinct intellectual disciplines and in several distinct and incompatible systems of thought.
    • This seems often now the most widespread use: culture is music, literature, painting and sculpture, theater and film
      • (Raymond Williams)raymond20williams20-20younger
  • How does it relate to other terms?
    • It is significant that virtually all the hostility (with the sole exception of the temporary anti-German association) has been connected with uses involving claims to superior knowledge (, refinement and distinctions between ‘high’ art (culture) and popular art and entertainment. It thus records a real social history and a very difficult and confused phase of social and cultural development
  • Concepts from lecture
    • Eberg
      • The background of Eberg represents the “high art” therefore it questions his critic of video games of being art because his culture is not accustomed to the how video gamers see them in an artistic way.
    • Culture influences of what we perceive as “fun”
  • Relate to games we’ve played?
    • Culture puts an influence to the type of games we prefer to play and how we critic games in such ways of graphics, story, and genres

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