?Is Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Even A Game?

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a free game intended as a video game phone app. It was produced by Glu Games Inc. in June 2014.  Niccolo De Masi personally approached Kim Kardashian to negotiate a deal with his vision of having a roleplaying game that can depict the world of fame and popularity. (Wikipedia) Surprisingly, within the first week of its release, the game made over 1.6 million and even made the iOS App stores’ top five list.
But is Kim Kardashian: Hollywood even really a game? In what standards make a game a “game”? After playing this on my iPhone for about four days, I personally could never consider it to be a game due to the fact that e6fcddba25dbdc8538fe209e94e490edit takes no strategic action to the game. The gameplay of it is basically tapping the screen for certain options for the character to act upon. Although, even the options are limited in what we can make out character choose at times.

“Today’s hegemonic game industry has infused both individuals’ and societies’ experiences of games with values and norms that reinforce that industry’s technological, commercial and cultural investments in a particular definition of games and play, creating a cyclical system of supply and demand in which alternate products of play are marginalized and devalued.”

                                                                    (Ludica 2007, p. 1)

When considering whether Kim Kardashian being a “game” in the eyes of Ludic, it is nowhere near the concept of being a game merely because it doesn’t have neither the values of an individual and our society. The context of the game is to do as much as the character can to reach stardom. These tasks involves doing favors for certain people in order to create connections that will lead to future opportunities. But what we do as a player within the game
kim_kardashian_hollywood_iphone_5s_herois just tapping the screen…… It does not really require any major thinking for the player to succeed.

Even if this game is new, it does not pleases me in how I’d like to play my video games. It isn’t even fun to play and this isn’t due to my hatred towards the Kardashians. But just like Kim, this game is basically pointless.

One of the annoying aspect of this game is how it is connected to Facebook and randomly throughout the game it will pop a request to send invites to my friends. After playing it for a week, I had to delete this app cause it was starting to piss me off.

Overall, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood does not deserve a title of being a “game” in Ludic’s standard and mine. Tapping a screen to pick up money and points and choosing from pre-decided options for our chracter does not make it a video game. The programer’s idea of trying to make it seem like the life of Kim Kardashian is so glamorous through the game fails to meet the needs of a player to think, see patterns, and have control of its characters. And for me, this would not be a game I’d ever play a game.


4 thoughts on “?Is Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Even A Game?

  1. I’m going to have to call foul here on a couple of fronts::

    1: You note that, “I personally could never consider it to be a game due to the fact that it takes no strategic action to the game.” What is this “strategic action” and how does it matter in terms of a definition? Opinion vs. argument supported by theory. You need the latter and you need to define your terms.

    2: You argue that “it doesn’t have neither the values of an individual and our society.” Parsing that, you’re saying it is not our values, but how is that the case considering KK’s lifestyle the typical 21st century celebrity lifestyle. Yes, it isn’t your life, but it’s what’s in the celebrity columns.

    3: More importantly, you seem to be writing that Ludic[a] supports your claim that KK:H is not a game, but nowhere are you showing that. Their argument is that the game industry has created a singular view of what a game can be. If KK:H breaks with this hegemonic definition of what a game can be, then, yes, it is breaking with the hegemony, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a game (according to Ludica), it means that it’s breaking the rigid understanding of what a game can be. That is a good thing for Ludica. “Just tapping the screen” is not a negative to Ludica; it is only a negative to the “hegemony of play.”

    An important thing for all of these blogs is to check your fun. We started with fun because you are not supposed to be simply enjoying yourself. While some games are fun, and some of us enjoy playing games, they do a lot more than that. It is important to analyze these games according to rubrics far beyond your pleasure/enjoyment.


  2. I understand why you do not consider it to be a game. Nevertheless, what are your opinions of this making of a game of Kim Kardashian’s life?


  3. The argument is there and the content is good, for the next one try to clarify better points to leave the reader with no reason to believe that this could ever be considered a game.


  4. I also support that you may not find it as a game. I played this game also and I was extremely annoyed with how repetitive it would be of asking to connect to Facebook and to invite the game like as if I didn’t exit out 10,000 times already. As soon as I could I deleted this app off my phone I didn’t want to see it again.


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