Keeping Up With the Hegemony

Yes, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a game. The game may not be very fun at times, but nevertheless it is still a game. To justify its place in the game world I will cite Raph Koster. Koster states in theory of Fun and Game Design that there are two types of original games. The first is get to the other side and the second visit every location. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is the embodiment of the second type of game. Throughout the game you visit several locations including restaurants, Kim’s mansion, and studios. The basic premise of the game is centered around visiting many locations in Los Angeles which will increase your star power. Koster also says that most games are centered around power. Kardashian’s game fulfills this category as well. You progress as your status grows. With this status comes power: the power to buy, the power to network, the power to influence your fans(which you gain by the thousands). I believe that this game may not be considered a game because the general public is conditioned to perceive games through the lens of very specific individuals. “Hegemony of Play” examines the current state of video games and how they got to be all shooter and war games. The group asserts that the video game industry is essentially controlled by straight white and Asian men. The content they produce is for a very small group in the world: teenage boys. Society has been primed to a believe video games are only for these immature boys who enjoy to blow things up. When a game like Kim Kardashian: Hollywood comes out it is only natural for primed individuals to question if it’s really a game. This game does not follow the status quo when it comes to video games. It is clearly made for women. The way this game is designed is even for women. Koster states that women generally have difficulty with spatial perception while men do not. This game has an attractive 2D layout and the characters do not move. Koster also states that men generally have a difficulty with their language skills while women do not. This game is all about networking and forming relationships. When you meet a new character you are given the option to “flirt”, “charm”, or “network”. These are all tasks that according to Koster women feel more comfortable doing. Is this a thrilling game which will challenge your mind and make feel intense happiness and satisfaction? No, but it is a game. A game which highlights the power of tailoring games to underrepresented gaming groups. The app, which is free to download, brought in 100 million dollars in revenue from 2014 to 2016. It was downloaded 42 million times.

Image result for kim kardashian game
In conclusion: Kim Kardashian Hollywood is indeed a game. This game breaks the status quo set by the straight white and Asian males who dominate the gaming industry. For this reason some may say it is not a game, but according to Koster it is indeed a game.



6 thoughts on “Keeping Up With the Hegemony

  1. I probably would have never linked this game with how Koster says games are revolved around power like you did. It’s interesting to realize that as your status grows you are able to do more and more. Much like real life where you try to network or socialize to further progress yourself.


  2. When you mention breaking status quo and stereotypes, I can easily see how this blog can go into a discussion about society stereotypes for girls and boys in the video gaming world are broken. Even though we stereotypical we would imagine teenage boys that like blowing things up, realistically there are teenage boys who would enjoy a game like Kim Kardashian Hollywood just as much and teenage girls who would prefer Grand Theft Auto (just a random example) over Kim Kardashian Hollywood.


  3. Paragraphs are your friend. Use them. Love them. A paragraph on Koster, then a paragraph on Ludica. Both points are interesting, but by smushing them together they lose power. Also, remember your links. Hypertextuality!

    In terms of content, you say what KK:H is NOT (something to challenge your mind), so what IS it? You say it’s tailored to a specific group, what IS it?


  4. you mentioned that KK Hollywood tailored toward women, but I would dare to argue that it’s more tailored toward little girls or teenage girls. some of the games limitations and the abilities that you have within the game we Strix you which in turn makes you feel like you’re not in real life, so the game quickly becomes boring and unappealing. I think that it can be made more appealing by adding more options and by creating more of a player story/background


  5. Do you believe that in a way this game is actually a criticism or satire of Kim Kardashian’s life, or do you believe that it was made solely for entertainment.


  6. First of all I really liked your title, it goes very well with the post. After reading your post I could not agree more with what you had to say. I too played this game for a blog post and felt the same way about how this game could actually be classified as a game. I liked your point on how this game breaks the status quo and allows females in all age ranges to partake in gaming. Overall I think your different approach to this game and blog post were unique and really sets it from the other blog posts about this game.


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