The Kim Crapashian Game

For blog number two, I choose the Kim Kardashian game by Glu Games, though I wish I would have picked another one. Those of you that were in class when this game was demonstrated can understand why I say that. This video game to some people may not even be classified as one because of the structure of the game. That’s because the feel of the game is very repetitive and forced, not very stimulating at all. Though the argument we face is whether this game can be considered an actual “game”. In the scheme of things, I do personally believe that the Kim Kardashian game is considered a game because a player can make free choices, it is very unproductive and it works upon make-believe. These factors come from Caillois, The Definition of Play and Classification of Games. It may not be a very fun-exciting game but it does consist of the factors that permit the action of playing a game. The first day that I started to play this game I was immediately not impressed by the format and design of the game. It is very clear that Kim made this crappy game to get people who adore her to spend even more money on her. The game consists of tapping on the screen to get around places and do actions which you are supposed to. For example, to move cities you just slide the screen to the bus stop and select where you need to go. This requires very little interaction or through which makes it boring. Once you get to the place you need to be let’s say in this case a photo shoot the “playing” is just pressing a button multiple times. Then once you have pressed it the x amount of times then money and power tokens appear and then you press on them to collect. That’s about it, there is no other form interaction within. Though I believe this must do with the fact that this game is based off mimicry which Caillois refers to as becoming an illusory character as oneself behaves of which ever manifestation. Though after a couple days of playing I got sick of the game. This being that the game is designed to make you want to spend money to get additional items and power ups. You are literally bamboozled with countless pop up at all times of playing the game to buy some new clothes or power tokens. At this point I was getting less and less encouraged to play the game because it was not fun and I was getting annoyed about getting asked to buy something. I would not recommend this game to anyone who wants to have some sort fun on their phone. Towards the end of my time playing this game I did not feel challenged or engaged with what was going on. I think if this game was designed to have the player experience fun then it could be as fun as any game should be.image-1

I read a great article by Paul Mooney on venture that explains how horrible the game is and how it got the opportunity to make so much money despise being a pretty bad game. Its perspective of the game seems to align very well with mine.


10 thoughts on “The Kim Crapashian Game

  1. “This video game to some people may not even be classified as one because of the structure of the game”

    Feeling pedantic, I think removing the word “game” from the end of the sentence would serve more to show even further how KKH is not a game to some people. It’s structure alone would seem enough then for some people to not call it a game.

    ” It is very clear that Kim made this crappy game to get people who adore her to spend even more money on her”

    I am seeing a lot of disdain for Kim on some of these blogs as if Kim sat down, designed and wrote the entire game, coded the game, marketed the game, held think tanks for the game, and published and sold the game. Do we know if she made the game? I thought Glu Games made the game? I am hard pressed to believe she truly took the role of creative designer on this project given her supposedly busy schedule. Even so, why are celebrity or even person-based games so bad? Yes she is making money from this, so what? Would we say the same thing of the Nicki Minaj game Glu Games created? The Gordon Ramsey game Glu Games created?


    • Im pretty sure she had a big influence and probably did have to sit with the people at Glu Games to convey her objectives with the game. I mean its her game I’m sure she had a part in each thing she has all the resources to do so. I would have to see how similar those game are since I have not played those.


      • It may be about her but it may not necessarily he HER game. I may be oversimplifying Kim’s part in development but knowing she is a very busy person, I cant see this game be top on her list.


  2. Paragraphs! Separate your points. Avoid the dreaded WALLOFTEXT!

    In terms of context, LFaiola13 is correct, be careful of your claims. “Kim made this crappy game” is not a valid statement. Glu Games made the game using KK’s likeness, and she is getting paid for it. Yes, she’s gotten up to defend the game publicly, but it’s a reskinning of another game. She has little to no authority over/responsibility for the game and its code. That said, is she responsible for the lifestyle represented? Hell yes.

    And, regarding the article you linked to, the author notes “The lines between actual, waking life and the virtual world of gaming seem to blur even more so.” Is this a problem. To the definitions we’ve dealt with so far?


    • I don’t know I feel like maybe she would if she’s the one spending her money to make the game, something to look into . I don’t necessarily think so it really depends on one’s perspective, we have seen some mixed definitions in class.


  3. Like I mentioned in another comment on a blog, I like how you do not require a ‘game’ to be fun. Even though you found the game to be boring, (trust me, I feel your pain), you still classified it as a ‘game’ and I agree with you that it is in fact a game.


  4. It has the foundation and experience of a “game” but just because I or anyone else doesn’t enjoy it does not mean it cannot be a game in the end of the day.


  5. The foundation is there but i don’t know if people at the end of the day will consider this an actual game on any level, I feel like it was just made as a game to pass the time, I loved how you generate your argument just work on the delivery and separating points.


    • I think at that point it just comes down to opinion. We can agree that if it has the foundation and more then it has to fall in the category. As a game just to pass time can still be considered a game.


  6. I have never played this game before but based on what I know I would agree with you that it is a game. Since it has the foundation of a game, which would be the components that make up a game, it should be considered a game. Anything else just appears to be opinion on whether it is entertaining to play.


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