This Girl Didn’t Have Much Fun!!!

For the past two weeks, I’ve been playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood, which was based on Kim Kardashian’s experiences in show business. The objective in Kardashian is to get as many Kim Stars, energy, and money. There needs to be a combination of 2 or all to continue playing. You’re able to earn of the mentioned above by working, talking to the right people, and going to different places.

When I first began playing, I was really excited, and anxious to begin a new adventure, but as time progressed I found myself to be bored and non-engaged. At first, it was fun buying clothes, working, changing looks etc., and after a while you want more excitement!

Now to address the question, whether this is a game or not… why? Or, Why not? At first, I would have said no, because I felt that the was too much repetition, and lacking in its entirety. For example, I didn’t feel like it was challenging enough… maybe, I was completely unable to relate to the game’s objective. The inability to relate to the game truly skewed my view of whether or not Kim Kardashian Hollywood net the requirements to be considered a game. Never the less, I changed my mind once I re-read “Classic Game” definition, which states: 1. Rules, 2. Variable, and quantifiable outcomes, 3. valorization of outcome, 4. layer effort, 5. Player is attached to outcome, and 6. Negotiable consequences.

First, the game did have rules. I had to do photo shoots, and being on celebrity news. Additionally, I had to speak to certain people to level up and get more money. Second, there were variables and quantifiable outcomes in Kim Kardashian Hollywood. For Example, I interacted with Kim K by letting her purchase clothes at the place I was working. Just by doing that I managed to level up. Third, I put some value on the outcomes I had in the game, but the value fluctuated over time. At the beginning I gave a greater value to the game and its outcome, but as time progressed the value that I gave the game and its outcome was less and less. Fourth, this game does require a certain amount of effort, yet I thought it was a minor amount. Yes, I never became a “D” Celebrity, because toward the end I stopped trying to become one. Fifth, as you may have noticed, the attachments to the outcomes and consequences decreased as I continued playing the game. Finally, Kim Kardashian Hollywood borders on negotiable consequences, because a person can decide to purchase more Kim Stars with real world money, but I did not purchase anything, so the game for me remained with negotiable consequences; therefore, this is a game!!!!!!!! Now that I have answered the question, no, no, Kim Kardashian Hollywood wasn’t very fun for me, yet despite that its considered a game.

Note: I think that the heavy reliance on everything from clothes being described and the prompts being read to me took away a lot of value from the game for me. Of course, this is a learning experience for me! I’m learning what games I like and dislike. I look forward to finding another game that I’ll enjoy, soon!!!


10 thoughts on “This Girl Didn’t Have Much Fun!!!

  1. To be honest I probably would never play this game but it seems there is a certain amount of rules with a level up system in this game. Aside from leveling up by purchasing items there doesnt seem to be a point to this game, which is why I felt you became bored real quick.


  2. I have played similar games to this one and the only question I have is. If you spend real life money is it still considered a game? You seem to make the argument that it does not. I am just wondering why.


    • It would still be considered a game; although, it may violate one of the standards of the classic Game Model. I had asked myself the same question during the writing of this post… I don’t think that it being a game changes, but the classification may potentially change/be modified in the future.


      • Do all the points of the Game Model have to be met to be considered a game (especially considering that some standards are subjective)? What do you think are the most important standards in the model?


  3. Good use of links on the blog, definitely applying it to my next post! In regards to the game, I’ve never played it because I already know I won’t enjoy it and through reading yours and other blogs on this game I’m 100% sure I don’t want to waste my time playing that game. I agree that the game is still considered a game because it fulfills certain qualities of the game but that’s about as complex as this game gets.


    • Thank you! I completely agree with your comment, yet a part of me wishes it would have been more complex. Certainly, there areas in the game that could have been multi-layered. For example, you had photo shoots, but the developer could have added a negotiation component to the game, such as monetary value. I feel that the game only highlighted the positive aspects of being a celebrity, and it neglected to highlight all the other work involved in being a celebrity. Maybe, if that extra work component would have been added….. Maybe… this game would have had a greater appeal to me.


  4. Remember that part of what made it not fun was also that you lost interest. You failed to care about ‘keeping up with [Kim] Kardashian.’ Part of the way the game works is competing with friends to achieve that high celebrity rank. That said, good that you could find the game’ness in it.

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