Blog #3 Instructions – How is it Art?


For this week’s blog assignment you need to take the game you picked last week and have been playing and ask yourself, how is it art? Then, when you’ve thought good and hard, answer it and make sure you use one of the art theorists (Williams, Winckelmann, Hegel, Benjamin, Becker, or Barthes). This is a description and explanation heavy assignment, so show me how it’s art! Or, flipped around, how is it NOT art? How does it work with(in), or in opposition to, the art theories we’ve covered in the past two weeks.

Games: (you picked last week, but here they are again)

  • Cory Arcangel – “Super Mario Clouds”
  • Rooster Teeth – Red vs. Blue
  • Rockstar – Grand Theft Auto
  • Galactic Cafe – The Stanley Parable
  • Molleindustria – Anything other than McDonald’s Video Game


  • 500+ words
  • Includes at least one quotation with necessary reference (style is up to you)
  • Includes at least two images
  • Includes at least one imbedded link
  • Uses Tags & Categories (Blog #3 for the category; tags are whatever you think are appropriate)


  • Thursday, March 2 at 11:59pm

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