The fight for nothing: Red vs Blue

rvb This is essentially the entire series

This week’s blog is somewhat different as I did not do a game per say. I decided to “play” the legendary series by Rooster Teeth called Red vs Blue. While this was not necessarily a game but rather an internet series that takes place in a game. It does not take away from the impact that it has had on the gaming community. The series that is based in one of the greatest video game universes of all time, the Halo universe. The series of the mid 2000s that was a staple on YouTube and Machinima. The series that has been released on released on DVD and Blu-ray because it grew so popular.


Red vs. Blue is a comedy series shot using the video game, Halo Combat Evolved. It is an example of machinima. This is when a video game is used to film the action and then voiced over with recordings. Red vs Blue is a comedy show that is not for everyone. The show does feature some edgier humor and some “bad” language. However, one does not have to be a fan of the Halo game series in order to enjoy Red vs Blue. The action that took place in the series became so popular that Halo themselves integrated aspects of the show into their games. In order to look like they are talking to each other the characters would “lower their weapons” or alert carry position. This was achieved by simply looking down in Halo Combated Evolved. But as the series and Halo became more popular this became more difficult to accomplish. In later Halo games in order to lower your weapons the developers added secret and “cheat codes” to achieve the look.

rvbsisterAlert carry position used throughout the series

Red vs Blue takes place in a remote canyon, the Halo map Blood Gulch, where each team has base. One on each side of the map. When questioning why each team has a base on a remote canyon the only conclusion that the characters can come up with is, “We have one because they have one.” Both sides are engaged in a bloody war over the canyon and capturing each other’s base/flag. However, as the show goes on you find out that the canyon is nothing more than training grounds for the soldiers and there is no “Red” side or “Blue” side. Both sides are actually part of the same army they just fail to realize it.

red-v-super-blueThe characters of Red vs Blue throughout the years

Watching the show over the past two weeks I got through six season. As I was watching I asked myself is this art? Red vs Blue was easier to classify because it is a show in nature. In the end, it is art! It is art because the purpose of the show is to entertain and it does that in strides. The art itself is not the Halo game, but rather the story lines and the jokes in the show. Throughout the series the game used shifts from Halo Combat Evolved to Halo 2, Halo 3, and every other Halo game. As Red vs Blue goes on the show “looks better” because the game used has better graphics, but that is not a point of emphasis in the series. The show has always been about the jokes and making people laugh.

halo-gamesHalo games used in Red vs Blue throughout the years

The series was created by Burnie Burns AND his team at Rooster Teeth, “Each kind of person who participates in the making of art works, then, has a specific bundle of tasks to do.” (Becker 11) The team had an idea to make a machinima using Halo Combat Evolved and executed it to perfection. While Burnie Burns is considered the “creator” it was a team effort to make the show a work of art.

burnie_burns_2014_Burnie Burns the “creator” of Red vs Blue


7 thoughts on “The fight for nothing: Red vs Blue

  1. I think that you gave a more detailed account of R vs B. I wasn’t able to see how the graphics evolved over time, so I appreciate that you touched upon that


    • No problem if you ever get the opportunity try the later seasons they do have a different feel but still enjoyable and the improved graphics make it easier on the eyes.


  2. I really enjoyed your blog and your explanation of the games. Is there a particular reason why you chose to do this instead of play any of the other games?


    • I chose it because i am a HUGE Halo fan and i used to watch this show when it originally came out. So given the opportunity to revisit it I jumped on it.


  3. “Each kind of person who participates in the making of art works, then, has a specific bundle of tasks to do.” (Becker 11) I like how you mentioned this as I also have used this quote in my blog. In art each individual has to be delegated with their own task, or “Division of Labor” as you can see each player in R v B has their own task. I personally have never been a fan of halo but I as I have read this is more of a parody rather than Halo itself


    • So true everybody that made R v B a success was equally as important, but how can you not be a Halo fan it is awesome! But he to each their own.


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