Is it Art?

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Defining Art

When describing Grand Theft Auto V in terms of art, several different factors come into play. First, one must deconstruct the meaning behind art, and how art exists today within the real world. Art, as defined in the dictionary, is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, including, but not limited to, painting, music, literature, and dance. Another definition described art as “producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” In general, art categorizes a broad area of creations, objects, and actions within multiple cultures and societies.

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Is Grand Theft Auto V Art?

Now that we have a better idea of what art is, or can be, we come back to the same question: Is Grand Theft Auto V considered to be art? Beginning with the most obvious of art forms, visuals, I would believe it is valid to say that this game indeed is art. Lets deconstruct the game itself to the basics of design, graphics, and choices of color palettes. The game Grand Theft Auto V is a simulation of the real world with people, buildings, vehicles, and even animals. All of these objects had to have been created at one point either by hand, computer, or other digitized software. There had to be a creator at one point that crafted all these individual pieces and eventually put them together to work and coexist within one realm. As described by Hegel, “Ideal unity can enter the art consciousness only through the unfolding and then the reconciliation of the  particularization of the Idea,  and, through this development, artistic beauty acquires a totality of particular stages and forms.” Following the graphics, we notice that the game, which is played in third person, is truly phenomenal. The color palettes are endless in this video game as much as they would be within the real world. You are able to look in all directions and see objects within one frame. This correlates with what Benjamin speaks of when he states “Duhamel, who detests film and knows nothing of its significance, though something of its structure,  notes this circumstance as follows: ‘I can no longer  think what I want to think. My thoughts have been replaced by moving images.’ The spectator’s process of association in view of these things is  indeed interrupted by their constant, sudden change. This constitutes the shock effect of film.”

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Initially, this video game, like multiple others, is a sequence of images with color, design, and some kind of purpose or value, combined with auditory effects such as music, in order to portray not only an optical illusion,  but evoke emotions and offer an escape into a different dimension. Although some of the creators of these games do not like to be called artists, this is inevitably art. These master minds have taken the virtual reality and the real world, combining the two to make what we know as Grand Theft Auto, a video game. It is almost overwhelming to think a group of people sat down and actually put all their ideas together to create this, a true work of art.




4 thoughts on “Is it Art?

  1. were you trying to point out that the interactive experience it’s self is Art question It seems that was the aim, and I just wanted to clarify


    • Correct, the interactive experience brings art into play based on the sounds (music) and images (design, color, scenes) that come into play, which allows you to actually “experience” art in a way.


  2. In your opening statement you use the quote: “producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” Do you feel that Grand Theft Auto V was actually produced for those reasons? If yes, what about the game allows you to appreciate the beauty or emotional power? If no, then doesn’t that quote diminish your argument?


  3. Your argument of the game’s visual just to be considered as “art” was not that strong because you can easily say that about any game, although I do believe there are a lot of other games with way more better graphics than GTA V


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