This week instead of playing a game, I watched Rooster Teeth Red vs Blue. I began by watching season 1, but I was unaware of what the show was exactly about. I wish that I could say that I figured it out by myself, but my son came up to me and told me what it was about, and I probably wouldn’t have figured it out by myself any ways. It’s a spinoff of the video game Halo, but instead of a game it is a show, which I felt was fascinated and intriguing. I truly enjoyed the show, yet I’m unable to reference Halo to look for differences nor similarities. So, to me Red vs Blue was like watching a new show without any background what so ever! I’m Glad that I didn’t have that background information, because I feel that I fully enjoyed the show without it. It was funny, sarcastic, and made good use of typical stereotypes that people make about others. Additionally, I think that if I would have had background information, then this would have detracted from the show for me.

I think that Red vs Blue is art! According to Becker, the production of art is a Collective one, which Red vs Blue has. First, there are the people responsible for creating Halo, which in itself is a collective effort. This brings me to another important point… Barthes says that the “author must die” in order to be able to expand upon the author’s work. The original genius of the author of Halo is not very present in Red vs Blue allowing this show to transform into something different from the original author’s idea.…/inside-the-making-of-red-vs-blue

As I have mentioned before Red vs Blue is a collective effort between producer, writers, artist, animators, and more. Without one or the other the show that would be made would not be the same. If any one of these collaborated changed/left, then this would change the show. Would this show remain being the same? Probably not!

In addition, in Red vs Blue there is a distancing effect from the Halo and game system. One, Halo’s role in helping to making the show. The creators of Red vs Blue play parts of the game to create some of the scenes, which was not the original intent of the Halo creators. Second, by using the game system to create the Red vs Blue show, which converts the potential gamer into a viewer. Therefore, converting an interactive experience into a passive one. Finally, this demonstrates what Barthes meant by “the death of the author. There is some of the original genius of the Author of Halo, but the creators of Red vs Blue expanded it, and took it in a completely different direction; Subsequently, they added their own meaning and genius to the original work.

An interesting fact is that Red vs Blue is the longest net based show. Also, this show came before the release of YouTube, and people had to subscribe and download shows on to their desk top. Despite this, the show became very successful.


4 thoughts on “Art

  1. I did R v B as well and never thought about the death of the author argument. The idea to convert gamers to viewers and vice versa is a solid point. Not having any Halo information is not necessary to enjoying the show but it does not deter from it. I was a huge Halo fan before watching the show and enjoyed it immensely.


  2. This was definitely an interesting and informative read. However, I would have like to know more about the collective effort between producer, writers, artist, animators, and more. All you had mentioned was that they work together, but it would have been really cool if you would of shown the reader.


  3. I really enjoyed reading your blog! I love how you mention in depth the collective activity it took to create this form of art. I think an interesting aspect that you probably could have touched on as well would be the post-production aspect it took to create this YouTube series. The post-production gives the series a cinema type feel which a lot of people consider cinema to be art. So what’s the difference here? An interesting point I was thinking about while reading about how you said they took the original author’s intent and expanded it.


  4. Your argument is very clear and agreeable. Red vs Blue is a product of collective activity distributed among the creators of the machinima itself and the developers of the Halo franchise.


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