GTA V : A Collection of Art



I would have never considered any Grand Theft Auto Game a work of art. Seems so strange to consider a game where you go around causing mass chaos a work of art. My problem was never going further in Grand Theft Auto. I played Grand Theft Auto V on my PC after buying it from steam and expected the usual crazy stuff but was pleasantly surprised. I played the story mode and online mode, both leaving me with very different thoughts but equally impressing me. Grand Theft Auto V as a game is made up of an amazing collection of efforts and works. Becker believes art is a collective activity and that everything that goes into producing a piece of art, is art itself. Grand Theft Auto V’s story mode is a great example of this. The game opens up with an action packed robbery where we see Micheal, one out of our three protagonists, past life unfold. This opening serves as a beautiful yet interactive exposition of this story. The opening then fast forwards to Micheal’s life in the future with a cinematic scene of him contemplating life with a shrink.

The game then gives us a glimpse of Grand Theft Auto’s large world with a well fixed showcase of Los Santos living world. Los Santos, the place Grand Theft Auto V takes place in, feels alive and feels like a breathing world. Everyone has speaking roles, the world interacts to your actions, and the world changes to the way you behave as well. There are breath taking moments during the game where you can jut stare at the skyline. There’s also the realistic animation and even the sound of the world around you. You can hear the traffic, tell cars apart, tell people apart, and listen to nature as well. Even the story shifts and changes to actions you take, such as trying to improve Micheal’s unhappy life and trying to get Franklin to a better living condition. All of these things come together to make Grand Theft Auto V the work of art it is. Behind all of this there is a large group of Voice Actors that gave the characters and the world life. There’s also the amazing writers that gave those characters and world their lines. There’s amazing groups of teams that made the animation, sound, and visuals of the game possible. The game has great music as well and unique radio stations in game all composed by a talented Music Department. These people all worked hard to bring Grand Theft Auto V together. All of their work is art in itself. Their entire process in creating it for the unit that is Grand Theft Auto V is also amazing and it’s why I can now see Grand Theft Auto, specially GTAV as a work of art. We see music as art. We see photography as art. We see car design as art. We see the roles Actors and Voice Actors play as art. We see the scripts of movies as art. We see the writing in books that tell tales as art as well.

All of those things we call art make up Grand Theft Auto V. It has them all and showcases them strongly. “Art Worlds consist of all the people whose activities are necessary to the production of the characteristic works which that world, and perhaps others as well, define as art.” (Becker Art Worlds 1982 p. 34) Becker believes that the entire process of creating a work of art is a collective activity. Art being a collective of everything that went into bringing it into existence. Grand Theft Auto V captures all of this wonderfully. It has many forms of art and they all work together to form this video game. It’s not only art, it’s a collection of about everything we can call art.


8 thoughts on “GTA V : A Collection of Art

  1. good breakdown in defining art. What about the game made you change your opinion about it being art not… was it the graphics or the collective efforts of all?


    • I believe one hundred percent that it was the collective effort. I just find it amazing how many separate parts went into making the game. Then there’s the crazy effort of producing everything as authentic as possible, such as recording the radio stations using an actual radio station and using the methods that go into being on air.


  2. I like how you went into detail about the facets of the game’s development. I was impressed with the accuracy of the game’s reconstruction of Los Angeles and the depth of the story. It wasn’t what I expected from GTA, and the amount of work (and money) devoted to making GTA V really shows.


    • I never thought of any Grand Theft Auto game as art before until I learned this as well. Made me really appreciate and value how much work goes into these games so I agree with you! Really unexpected.


  3. I definitely enjoyed reading your blog about GTA 5. You made some great points on the way you would define the game as art. For example, those moments where you say at one point in the game you have time to just stare into the sunset really stood out to me. Other claims that you made I enjoyed reading was this line “Everyone has speaking roles, the world interacts to your actions, and the world changes to the way you behave as well.” My only complaint is if you could have gone a little more into detail about the voice actors and maybe given names of some of the voice actors you enjoyed hearing/interacting with the most. Other than that you had a very nice blog!


    • I was speaking about how the world around you interacts. Just standing on a GTA V street corner, you can hear all the different speaking roles the NPCs have and it will take you a good while to find some repeating. Wish I could go into more detail about the voice actors of these NPCs but they sadly don’t have names. The voice actors are listed as public woman 1 through other numbers so it’s hard to really add that in, sorry!


  4. I like how you included on what platform you played the game and how you also played the online content. Do you feel that if you purchased the DLC part of the game you would’ve perhaps played it with friends? I find the grand theft auto series to be one of the most iconic games because it was one of those games that all little kids wanted to play. It’s crazy how much freedom you have throughout the game.


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