How Is Grand Theft Auto V Art?

My game for this blog is Rockstar’s very own Grand Theft Auto V. This game was released in 2015 for PS4 and its been one of the most interesting game I’ve bought for my console. Rockstar has created multiple Grand Theft Auto games ever since 1998 and everyone has just keeps getting better than the previous.

Grand Theft Auto V is based on three different characters, Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, and Franklin Clinton. Three complete different men all with a common state of being criminals. The main purpose of this game is going through manybenjamin-sm missions that may involve committing crimes. But after completing each mission, like any other game, it leads to prizes, new maps, cars, contacts, and access to certain things.

Even with all of the success that Grand Theft Auto has acquired, can one call this game “ART”? What is art within a video game and how is a video game art? According
to Walter Benjamin, one of the most important element in art, is its Aura. And an art piece loses that element  when it us mass reproduced to the public. So does this mean Grand theft Auto V isn’t art because technically as a video game, it is mass reproduced to be sold to millions of teens and adults.

Although, the way this game is setup, each player has a lot of freedom to make choices and select missions they want to. These three characters are allowed to switch their clothing, cars, styles. At the same time,  when the player plays chooses to play the online game, they create their very own character that roams around the city of Los Santos.  With that, we can see that each game is their own personal art because the person who’s playing it decides how they want it to be seen and produced their way. taking away the idea of the video game being mass reproduce and getting its own kind of aura as Benjamin would say.

Aesthetic is another key aspect when it comes to art. When we speak of aesthetic, it express the feeling of beauty and the appreciation of something. With Grand Theft Auto V, the way that its create tend to its min targeted users likes and the recent trends, is very aesthetics to its players.

The game itself is very life like in the situations that the characters go through. One of my favorite aspect of this game is how it sort of teaches you the business scheme when you run an empire. I learned how jobs-568x319to start this by younger brother who is barely 13 years old, and apparently thats one of their largest age users. Being a business and management major, this really caught my attention and I became hoo
ked. This aspect of the game was the most aesthetic to me. Not only was I able to experience running a “business” but also have my fun that comes along Grand Theft Auto, the killing, the cars, and of course running from the police.



5 thoughts on “How Is Grand Theft Auto V Art?

  1. I feel like while you do touch on what art is and the different definitions of aesthetic and what makes something art, you don’t really tie in if GTA V can be considered art based on these definitions. You kind of have to assume from what you wrote that that is what you intended. Also, I’m curious as to why you brought in the fact of aesthetic when you were focused on the Aura of the game. I feel like you could talk more about the Aura and create a solid perspective as to why GTA could be considered art because of each person’s interaction with the game.


  2. “The game itself is very life like in the situations that the characters go through”

    I am going to have to disagree with this statement. How is the situation where Trevor has to murder over 50 people protecting his dope spot a realistic situation. How is the situation where Michael and Franklin have to save Michael’s son who is being dragged away on a Yacht in the middle of the highway moving at high speed a realistic situation. Yes Michael has children. Franklin wants to get out of the hood and has realistic friends. But I do not think these extremely basic relationships yield life likeness unless to say that this term means literally these are things a person alive may do. Nothing seems particularly life like about at least half of the things these people do. That’s the point. If this game was life like it would be boring. But since it is fantastical and dramatic in its story telling and situations, it is not life like.

    I also fail to see through your argument how this game is art. Certainly it has a specific aesthetic, story telling, and other such facets, but how are these things art?

    “Although, the way this game is setup, each player has a lot of freedom to make choices and select missions they want to”

    I believe here you are referencing how GTA 5 is an “open world” game right? I found while playing the game I did not have the freedom to do the missions I wanted to do. I could not do most missions until I completed some other mission in a linear order. If you mean by freedom that the player may literally choose to play a mission or not, play GTA 5 or not, then yes, the player does have a lot of freedom to make choices and select missions they want to, similar to every game ever.


  3. Your introduction to Walter Benjamin and the Aura of art was very well done and convincing when in conjunction with your original argument. Your references is what kept me hooked on this read and I found it to be thought-provoking and educational especially for those who never played the game or saw it under this light. Very well done and I look forward to reading more from you!


  4. I’m having a great deal of trouble understanding how aura relates at all to what you’re trying to assert about Grand Theft Auto. Furthermore, you fail to explain how GTA:V is art, which is the idea that we are supposed to be addressing this week. If you bring a huge mind like Benjamin into your article, you need to engage with him on a higher level of scholarship than simply outlining what happens in Grand Theft Auto. What does aura mean to you? How can a game be mechanically reproduced when it is a piece of software?


  5. I really liked how you started giving some background of the game and the developer. I liked your introduction to Walter Benjamin and the definition of art. I enjoyed the pictures you choose especially the one of when they are wearing monkey masks and other different type of animal masks. Overall in the grand theft auto series I enjoy having a lot of freedom playing since I won’t get punished that much for the actions I choose. Overall I really liked your blog and the flow of it.


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