Grand Theft Art?




This weeks’ game selection was free choice and I had to splurge on Grand Theft Auto by Rock Star Games and is one of the most popular games on the market to this day releasing content on almost every platform. Quite rare that I have ever started to play this game because I was not allowed to play this game growing up as a kid living under my parent’s rules and household. A lot of people would consider Video Games as an art because everything is made due to the graphics and how they implicate weather and . When playing Grand Theft auto 5, it is just one player on a mission with very little boundaries. Having no boundaries is pretty cool but you have to complete missions to move on in the game. There is a high level of interaction more likely because you can do anything from stealing cars or visiting friends to turn in pieces of evidences this game is very intense.

When I started to actually begin to do missions instead of stealing cars and running away from the police, I started to notice how many different missions and challenges were open for me. The game itself is probably one of the best games I have ever played because it involves so many realistic places but to complete objectives you must commit crimes. So can we physically agree with violence and committing crimes is socially a realistic art form? We really can’t say for fact that this game is a piece of art. “Even the most perfect reproduction of a work of art is lacking in one element: its presence in time and space, it unique existence at the place where it happens to be” (Benjamin, 298). This game could be improved yet the imperfections of the game make it the fun part which is the violence, the high risk missions and boundary less virtual reality. Yet the many visuals and graphics being played and seen around make it highly attractive and it really is an art due to all the people being so descriptive it generally feels comfortable being able to talk back to the characters on the digital phone. The game even allows you to customize your own car all in the main city of Los Santos.


In the game, there are actually three protagonists which really threw me off when I was watching the opening scene, where they stage a hot robbery. The game altogether is quite interesting, it kept me entertained throughout and has to be one of my all-time favorites. At the end of the day I myself have to agree upon the fact that it is art, mostly because of the level of fun I have playing the game. After all the graphics and contents and story line I can agree that it is throughout a very solid game, I am not too sure about the other collection of games that RockStar have released and made but Grand Theft Auto in itself in my opinion would be considered art because of its great details, solid framework, many intense gameplay missions, many obstacles that are solid like high speed police chases, the effortless effect of no boundaries which pretty much lets you run over anyone in your way if you wanted to, and the many, many great attractions and sounds and graphics it contains. The greatest factor has to be how real life everything seems it feels like you’re in another world with literally no boundaries and you can choose your own missions and spots which makes the game highly more interesting.

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9 thoughts on “Grand Theft Art?

  1. I think your best point here is that you say the game makes you feel like you’re in another world. There are more conventional forms of art which do the same. Just think about all the great books and music that has taken people to another world. Surely this game is art ifn

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  2. Great read. I love playing GTA games because of the realistic areas they put in them. In V there are real places in the LA county just like in IV there are real NY areas. It makes playing the game feel realistic and easier to immerse yourself into the world. In many ways GTA is the crowning example of video games as art.

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  3. Your blog brought to my mind the question of: Can art not be associated with crime at all? Ultimately, the importance of art brings about crime through art theft. Also, now a days art can be very explicit and represented through abstract ways. However, I agree with you in the sense that promoting violence and crime shouldn’t be featured as art.


  4. According to Benjamin’s quote about space and time, what do you feel makes this game successful in both of those aspects and why?


  5. The freedom that grand theft auto 5 gives you and the ability to do whatever you want in that existing space is what i can see as art. Also like you stated on the scenery and graphics throughout the game can make the game be considered as development and coding art. Great review and viewpoint throughout the blog!


  6. Like I mentioned in my own blog, the game is very aesthetically pleasing to how they based its city in LA which is where I am from.


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