Aesthetics in Video Games

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FIFA, which is actually an acronym for “Fédération Internationale de Football Association,”  2016 was created by EA sports, a video game making company. This company is composed of several different individuals that are all assigned specific tasks. There is a separate team that works on the coding, graphics and overall design of the game. This game is essentially a simulation of a real life soccer game as watched on a digital television. All the rules from soccer in the real world are applied in the game, down to the most intricate, such as gravity. As Stockberg describes, “changing a functional or aesthetic element in an existing game.This often critical or ironic intervention is referred to as modification (mod) or patch.” These group of individuals are constantly modifying the aesthetic and dimensional elements of the game, in order to create the most perfect simulation of the real world. The game is not only meant to look real, but to an extent, feel like you are taking part in playing the sport itself as well.

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According to Niedenthal, “The core of formal meaning of a game, according to many current approaches, radiates out from the procedural nature of games, through rule sets and mechanics to sound,graphics and the controller; the core of experienced game meaning radiates out from the brain and cognitive awareness towards the senses and hands…Where hands, senses, bodies and the tangible qualities of games meet, the aesthetic meaning of games emerges.” Considering these concepts and applying them to FIFA 2016, we begin to realize the depth and specificity of detail to even the most disregarded components. Beginning with the mechanics of sound, FIFA uses sounds from past live games and incorporates them within the game. From the sound of the whistle blowing at the end of the match, to the energetic commentators who are actively communicating throughout the game, each of these noises captivate a different element within the game itself. Moving forward to the graphics of the game, each uniform is an existing uniform of the latest gear as to real-life. The quality of the game has improved consistently throughout the years and resulted in an incredible clone of each individual player. Facial structures, hair styles, eye color, and even body gestures of real life players have been incorporated into this game.

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Artists are creators, and the creators of this game are justified as artists because of the aesthetics and creativity depicted in these games. It is no coincidence that the letters “EA” stand for Electronic Arts. These group of individuals influence our understanding of the object or game, in the way that they create the world for us to exist, and take part in. They take us into a dimension of flow, where time no longer exists in the real world, and the main focus from the reality of life is shifted to a virtual world. This is important because it is what makes the game unique, and gives it its place among other virtual worlds.



8 thoughts on “Aesthetics in Video Games

  1. I have two problems here. First, all italics is the same as no italics at all. Second, you identify aesthetics, arguing that FIFA is art, I suppose, but you do not really make the argument that some individual is the author/artist, which is the heart of this assignment.


    • I see, nevertheless I must mention that before I had asked in class, I could not figure out how to change the font. Furthermore, I tried doing research on the single or group of creators but had no luck finding actual games.


  2. I feel like your choice of using Niedenthal for your argument was very good because it fits well with what you’re trying to say. The game is definitely one of the best soccer simulations if not the only one for both console platforms. The graphics have gotten better which really adds to experience of viewing the game as an art piece.


    • It is amazing to see how much the quality and graphics of the game itself have improved. Have you played the latest version?


  3. This game must have a real aesthetic vibe to those who play soccer. Also make sure your format of your blog is standard. The use of italics as Mandiberg mentioned kinda makes it unprofessional.


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