Provacateer and Artist


Burger Tycoon is an extreme critique on globalization, factory farming, and capitalism.There are many other conclusions you can make but those are the main three. I chose to play this game because I remember being terrible at it when I was younger and I hoped that I could perform better now that I had experienced some other game play. Oh, how I was surprised! The reason I was terrible at this game as a child wasn’t because I lacked skill, it was because to understand and play this game you have to have a cynical and sophisticated approach. This game makes it obvious from the start (to be specific in the tutorial) its views on the three main topics. It starts off with “every American wants a fat greasy burger” and proceeds to teach the player how to corrupt every aspect of the industry you could possibly think of. From buying politicians to brainwashing children, you can do it all.

If you do not purchase any land or hire any employees time will just continue for as long as the game is open. You start the game in the year 1990 and here the game as gotten to April of 2179.

In the description of the game the authors are listed as Addicting Games and Molleindustria. Addicting Games states on their website they are the largest online game site in the U.S.. They state “Addicting Games is a pioneer in the online game space. We are proud to represent games and developers that break the mold and redefine online games. Through sponsorships, game licensing, and development deals, we are one of the leading supporters of the Flash game development community.” Molleindustria’s website states this:

Mol·lein·dus·tria / mòl-le indùstria /mòl-le inˈdustrja/ :

  1. Soft Industry.
  2. Soft Factory.
  3. A project of reappropriation of video games.
  4. A call for the radicalization of popular culture.
  5. An independent game developer.

Since 2003 we produced homeopathic remedies to the idiocy of mainstream entertainment in the form of free, short-form, online games. Our products range from satirical business simulations (McDonald’s Video game, Oiligarchy) to meditations on labor and alienation (Every day the same dream, Tuboflex, Unmanned), from playable theories (the Free Culture Game, Leaky World) to politically incorrect pseudo-games (Orgasm Simulator, Operation: Pedopriest).

So who is the artist of this game?  There are two authors listed. Is it the artist who is responsible for the images? Is it the story developer? Is it the distributor? Though Addicting Games is listed as an author it is not the artist. They have absolutely no voice represented in the game. Is it Molleindustria? The artist of this game is Paolo Pedercini ( Pedercini is the founder of Molleindustria and he has made many provocative games. He also teaches at Carnegie Mellon’s School of Art. He also fills the requirements that Stockburger write about to fulfill  the role of an artist. He states: “So the strategy of contemporary art consists in creating a specific context in which can make a certain form or thing look other, new and interesting – even if this form was already collected before” (p.27). There have been many many tycoon games released. Pedercini makes the player intrigued due to his provocative content. He creates a radical position right away to make the player pay attention to the messages he is trying to convey through the game play. He uses overly sarcastic to make his critiques easy to see. He designs the characters in the game act and look as simple as possibly to comment on the sheep mindset of people. He also does this so the graphics don’t take away from the message.    



2 thoughts on “Provacateer and Artist

  1. Whoaaaaa. Someone played the McDonald’s game. I didn’t know that they called it Burger Tycoon on other websites. I agree that the game itself is pretty cynical. I also agree with the fact that sometimes, I do want a fat greasy burger. It just really hits the spot.


  2. I find it absolutely amazing that a website (AddictingGames) not only took MolleIndustria’s McDVG, which is available online, but changed the name and kept credit for MolleIndustria. It’s the same game! And yet the McDonald’s part has been excised. By AddictingGames? By Pedercini? Is this supported by Pedercini? So crazy!

    That said, your claim that Pedercini is the author is fine, but why does it matter? Why not AddictingGames? What does his teaching have to do with the authorship?

    And more importantly, if you are crediting Pedercini with authorship, why are you quoting Stockburger about appropriation? You quote the following: “contemporary art consists in creating a specific context in which can make a certain form or thing look other, new and interesting – even if this form was already collected before.” The problem is that it is AddictingGames that is making this look new and interesting in this particular example…


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