The Aesthetics of Madden 25

EA sport’s Madden NFL has been a major selling game since 1988, back when it was called John Madden football, after the legendary John Madden who was the coach of the Oakland Raiders. Since then, they have been distributing over millions of copies throughout the years. The game gives its players a virtual experience of playing the great American Game in the safety of their own home.

madden-nfl-25-001Madden 25 instead of Madden 14 was released in 2014   to celebrate their 25th anniversary of the Madden NFL series. This game allows players to manage their own franchise team and play other teams through a season, just like in the National Football League. When I played, I picked my favorite team, The San Francisco 49ers!!  Being a football player, these kind of games bring a lot of nostalgic memories.

This game can easily be argued to be art through the significant work of its creators and designers. As their due to make these games to be realistic simulators of the American sport, we are able to experience what it is like to be in a professional football team. Comparing this version of Madden to those created in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, the graphical display that they have established brings this world of football into “reality”. This game shows a new level of modification because,the statistics and rankings of current NFL teams modifies the status of the team within the game sega-ages-john-madden-football-1which makes them change how they play, execute, and copy their probability. I hate a love and hate relationship to this aspect of them because during its release in 2013, my team (49ers) were amongst one of the best in the league but since they have recently been sucking so when I played again for this class, it didn’t go well playing the season.

When we speak of art according to Simon Niedenthal,

                “The core of formal meaning of a game, according to many current approaches, radiates out from the procedural nature of games, through rule sets and mechanics to sound, graphics and the controller; the core of experienced game meaning radiates out from the brain and cognitive awareness towards the senses and hands. Game aesthetics research allows us to pay full attention to what we have tended to think of as peripheral, the edges of the spheres. New gaming technologies point us towards these peripheries, and new understandings of the significance of touch, the senses, form giving and pleasure help us better understand what really happens when we take the controller in our hands. Where hands, senses, bodies and the tangible qualities of games meet, the aesthetic meaning of games emerges.”(pg. 7, Niedenthal)

 Madden 25th Anniversary

I give major props to the great minds of EA Tiburon for how much they have advanced their skills and knowledge to this game. Being able to make this game have a new standard to the sports video gaming realm, people like me that are not really big video game fanatics, still have a great experience and and be passionate in playing this game.


Work Cited

  • Niedenthal, Simon “What We Talk About When We Talk About Game Aesthetics” Malmo University (2009)

4 thoughts on “The Aesthetics of Madden 25

  1. Mind asking why you did such an old version of Madden? I am not a huge Madden fan so hearing it being described as immersive and innovative is surprising. I usually hear it is the same game year in and year out.


  2. So, who is the artist here? This doesn’t seem to follow the blog prompt. Comparing graphics between versions and discussing aesthetics doesn’t really get you to talking about the ‘author,’ and unless you’re arguing Madden is the author/artist you’ve named nobody…


  3. The break down of this game was really strong but it was really just missing the prompt we could definitely have seen a better break down of who the author is, there is just really no argument here to read just a biased description of the game


  4. I think if were a little more clear on who the author is. Also I am not too sure why you are comparing the design of the first generation game to the more up to dare version. I think the post is good and has some good ideas but you need to narrow it down and focus on just one thing. This was definitely a challenging prompt so good job!


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