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Fallout 4 is an action role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks (Bethesda Website). The Fallout Series takes place in an alternate universe where the Cold War eventually became “hot” and the world quickly sprung into a large-scale, nuclear  war. This war brought about the worst and destroyed life as we know it, killing off pretty much any and everyone and for those life-forms fortunate enough to survive faced severe mutations. Animals, bugs, vegetation, and of course, humans all endured harsh mutations caused by the nuclear radiation. However, many Americans found themselves safe from the explosions residing in underground homes called “Vaults“. These vaults were buried deep underground to keep the residents safe from the dangerous amounts of radiation festering in the wasteland above ground. These vaults were not as safe as we are lead to believe as numerous social experiments took place in these underground havens such as torturing, self mutilation, and testing the boundaries of insanity.

Ghoul (human exposed to high amounts of radiation)
Feral Ghouls (when exposed to too much radiation, ghouls no longer think and become dangerous)
images (1).jpg
Super Mutants (Genetically altered humans mutated from the radiation)

In Fallout 4 we are met with post-apocalyptic Boston, Massachusetts in the year 2287 and is frequently addressed as the “Commonwealth“. Here,  we meet the Sole Survivor, the main character of our story as we (the players) bare witness to his/her significant other be murdered point blank and our child taken away. Being cryogenically frozen you are able to fight back and when you are thawed and awaken in the vault, you find yourself to be the only one alive, hence the name Sole Survivor. (the name of the playable character is determined by the player but the story follows as the main character being addressed as “the Sole Survivor”). As the player leaves the vault they find themselves on the hunt for their son and traverse the wastes and face great perils on the way to uncovering the mystery of what become of your son.

In game photograph of the Massachusetts State House

That being said, I would be very quick to issue authorship to the writer of the story. the author of the main story I feel would be the most deserving but in this case, I feel as though that is not appropriate given the immense visuals, the music and game sounds that really make the game stand out, and gameplay that stands as unique and smooth. I know I may sound bias but in my honest opinion, the story stands to be one of the smallest features in a game that features so, so much. To narrow things down I feel it is appropriate to define the word “authorship”. According to Google, authorship is “the state or fact of being the writer of a book, article, or document or the creator of a work of art.” The key thing to notice here is “the creator of a work of art”. Fallout 4 is absolutely a piece of art but this art did not spawn off of one person, one developer, one designer, but from a collective effort pout forth by a great number of people helping out to produce the final product of what we have today. Howard Becker notes that “the forms of cooperation may be ephemeral, but often become more or less routine, producing patterns of collective activity we can call an art world” resulting that working together as a developer help create an art world or in this case a video game.” From the early beginnings, to the implications of game mechanics, to marketing the game, and finally to production, the collective efforts from Bethesda is how Fallout 4 came to be. That being said, I feel it is MOST appropriate to give this authorship to the collective efforts of Bethesda Game Studios as a whole.

       Todd Howard           Fallout 4 Game Director

15 thoughts on “Fall 4 the Fallout

  1. “I know I may sound bias but in my honest opinion, the story stands to be one of the smallest features in a game that features so, so much.”

    I agree with you in that the story stands to be such a small feature in the game. This is definitely a good thing since the story written within the game is utterly atrocious, as is well most of the game really. I would call this game art, as a 4 year old would call their crayon house drawing art.


    • I agree on your first point but I am lead to believe by your statement in the latter part of your comment that there is now a High Game Art and a more common kind of shitty made game art. Is that your view or were you just simply commenting on your distaste for specifically Fallout 4?


      • well I would say that there definitely are better games than others, something we all think. i am simply making a judgement call calling Fallout 4 a bad piece of art, unlike Fallout 1 or 2.


      • Even New Vegas gave more variety to ones actions, One big thing is that they had an ending option that allowed one to kill everyone yet still complete the game through Yes Man, While Fallout 4 and 3 will not progress without you choosing a faction to back. Fallout 4 was a good game but for me it was a sub-par Fallout game, which has been defined by player choice in the past even an incorrect choice that could lead to a fail state.


  2. Man i love Fallout! Fallout 4 was okay though it felt like Fallout 3.5 to me.However i do agree with you in calling it art. The game is so immersive that you cannot help but lose yourself in the game. I remember playing when it came out and before I knew it I was 30 hours deep! Yea the story element of the game was lacking but the game made you feel like you were part of the post apocalyptic world.


  3. The storyline for Fallout 4 was pretty lacking in my opinion. Well not the storyline. The endings were what I didn’t really enjoy. Overall though, the game was amazing. There’s so much to do in this game that it surprises me. My friends would tell me how they spent hours creating a good looking community. I didn’t have the patience for that. I did the minimum by providing just enough food, defense, and beds. Bethesda made you really involved in the game and your decisions felt important. Each quest or conversation you had can change the outcome of something later in the future and you wouldn’t even know it until it happens.


    • The endings are definitely lacking and are probably one of the weakest points of the game. But I think that the other parts of the game definitely outweigh the problems of the weak endings.


  4. I really enjoyed the background you put about Fallout 4, it is a good thing to include for those that have not heard about the game or played it. Great use of pictures to explain what you are talking about and so everything is clear. I know fallout 4 is extremely addicting from my past experience.


  5. I really enjoyed your use of typography, it definitely adds a fun touch to your blog. Also, I agree with you that the writer of the story should be credited instead of the main author. Especially since, this is a video game, where visuals matter the most. This isn’t like a play where writing and lines dominate over visuals.


  6. My favorite part about these blog posts compared to the others is being able to read about new games that I have not tried. I currently find myself “bored” with the games I play on my PS4 and feel after reading this article that I need to try this game out. I loved the pictures you provided and the background of the game as well. I really enjoyed how you mentioned the cold war turned “hot.” I found it comical and creative at the same time. Overall it was an interesting read for me, great job!


  7. Look to your pacing/structure. You get to the point at the very end, and you don’t fully explain. Your first two paragraphs end up being fluff. Start with the point, then use your description paragraphs to help you make your argument. That way you don’t focus on describing the story, which you say doesn’t matter (invalidating your first two paragraphs). Amusing typography, but be careful about your images; they’re placed all over. The last two don’t line up on a single line, so they’re staggered; it looks not so good.


  8. I found that you had the same difficulties in determining who was the author that I had…. I liked how you detailed the journey to your conclusion. If you had to narrow it down, would you be able to? Personally, I think that I would have a very difficult time doing so…


  9. Very interesting blog post. I liked that you said that it would be quick for you to give the authorship to the writer of the story. In some instances, the author is the person that wrote the story and since Fallout 4 is a game that has a main story with minor plots then it would fit that definition. However, you give the authorship to Bethesda industries and I agree. They made all the pieces of the game that make it into art. Is there a favorite part of the game you enjoy?


  10. The subject matter of this game is really cool and I agree with you that this is the most compelling part of the game. The story is what sets itself apart from other games and truly makes this unique. In your post you decided to credit the whole team with the authorship. But couldn’t any game designer have made the graphics for the story? Isn’t the true art in the concept of it all? The graphics to me seem like an added feature to an already great story line and concept.


  11. I like how to gave explanations of the creatures in the game. These subjects can easily be seen as one of the aspects that is “art’ of the game. The design itself was well done. I have never played this game so i do not know the story plot of it.


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