Blindfold Basketball Art or Not???

This time, I thought that I was going to play Mindcraft,   but I changed my mind at the last minute. Instead, I decided to play Blindfold Basketball; a basketball game specifically targeted for blind individuals. This game is another game that is a part of the Blindfold series of games, and I thought that I would enjoy playing another game that is a part of this series. https://blindfoldgames.orgI truly enjoyed playing Blindfold Racer, so I thought that I would enjoy playing Blindfold Basketball, which is a part of the Blindfold series of games.

I began by reading some of the directions, and I began playing level one. IN level one, I learned how to make shots. You hold your finger down on the screen, and wait until you here two dinks, then you lift your finger off the screen.   More frequently than not, I had to spend several days playing the same level, because it was challenging to figure out the way I needed to tap on the screen to make moves, shots, and dribble the ball. Once, I figured how to do these things, then the game became easier to play. In level two, I learned how to move around the court, and continued making shots with the motions I learned in level one. In level three, I dribbled the ball, moved around, and made different types of shots, but I found that if I wouldn’t make the shot, then the game didn’t allow me to shoot the shot.

Finally, I played the coaching part of the game, which was challenging in itself. In these levels you have to use all the skills you learned previously to make the shots. In order to pass a level you had to make ten shots out of 12. If you got ten points, then automatically you went to the next level. I got to the second coaching level! Personally, I enjoyed this part of the game a lot more, because by this time I had gotten the hang of how to play the game.

Note: All throughout the game, I did make shots, and I truly enjoyed the challenge. In addition, I had to repeatedly close the app, because sometimes it wouldn’t respond. It’s a glitch that the Blindfold games have with Voiceover. FYI this doesn’t just happened with these apps, but happened with other apps, too. #blind people problems

Watch me play!!!

Now that I have told you all about Blindfold Basketball, and about some of my technical difficulties it’s time to discuss whether or not this is art. Well… How Blindfold Basketball isn’t art. First, it lacks beautiful graphics that people enjoy. Essentially, there is nothing to look at while your playing the game. Second, using the Classic Game Model Blindfold Basketball would be considered a borderline game, because it has non-negotiable consequences. You have the ability to purchase levels, and I was tempted to do so. Just because it is a borderline game according to the Classic Game Model, then doesn’t make it art.

Why is Blindfold Basketball art? First, lets define and clarify what is art! Art is defined as the expression of human creative skill and imagination typically such as paintings, sculptures, and music, literature and dance, or a skill of doing a specific thing that was acquired through practice. The first part of the definition doesn’t allow for any room to define Blindfold Basketball as art, but in the second part of the definition there is opportunity to expand and argue how Blindfold Basketball is art. If not all, but most games can utilize and improve skill through practice. Additionally, the interactive component of games allows for skill and eventual mastery, which in turn an individual player can utilize to create their own work of art. Second, as I’ve cited in my previous blog the Blindfold series is a collaboration between art worlds, which I have also cited Becker before.

Personally, I found this blog one of the most difficult to write due to the complexity of the subject. It’s difficult to write why something is not art, and it is also difficult to write why something is art. Usually, defining art is a group consensus, so when one member has trouble articulating certain terms, or emotions; subsequently, another person in the group can help, aim, and guide the group consensus. I struggled to define art without some type of guidance. I looked up the term in the dictionary in order to better utilized the term, art. I think that in the future art will include video games, or virtual experiences as art. It’s a new medium, so video games were not included in the definition of art. Lastly, when I first began the course, I didn’t consider video games as a type of/art form, but as time has progressed I’ve changed my mind, and I do think that some video games are art!!!


One thought on “Blindfold Basketball Art or Not???

  1. I definitely enjoyed reading your blog for the reason that you really incorporated yourself to the game. You gave a thorough explanation to why it qualifies as art, but it would have been even better if you had incorporated an author we have read in class. And although you mentioned why it is considered art, you didn’t talk about if it is considered a game as well and its relationship to it being art. Other than that, I’m glad you’re enjoying the games.


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