Final Analysis Instructions

There are three options for you to choose from for your Final Analysis, you will then be able to write using one of two genres (blog entry or academic paper). Your final analysis will be different depending on which options you choose. You will need to get whatever options you choose approved by me in the following weeks during a meeting.

Option 1: Choose your own adventure

  • Pick a game, work, practice, or community (approval at the meeting with me) and and show your reader how it matters in terms of “art.” This gives you a lot of room to do what you want, but that freedom can be problematic for some.

Option 2: Put it in the MoMA

  • Pick a game, work, practice, or community (approval at the meeting with me) and argue that it should be in the MoMA collection. To do this you will need to refer to the guidelines that Antonelli indicated were used to qualify pieces and you will need to have a good grasp of why your piece goes above and beyond.

Option 3: Take it out of the MoMA

  • Pick one game/console from the MoMA Game/Design Collection (approval at the meeting with me), and argue that it should not be in the MoMA or its game collection.
  • Games in the collection are:
    • Pac-Man (1980)
    • Tetris (1984)
    • Another World (1991)
    • Myst (1993)
    • SimCity 2000 (1994)
    • vib-ribbon (1999)
    • The Sims (2000)
    • Katarami Damacy (2004)
    • EVE Online (2003)
    • Dwarf Fortress (2006)
    • Portal (2007)
    • fl0w (2006)
    • Passage (2008)
    • Canabalt (2009)
    • Magnavox Odyssey (1972)
    • Pong (1972)
    • Space Invaders (1978)
    • Asteroids (1979)
    • Tempest (1981)
    • Yar’s Revenge (1982)
    • Minecraft (2011)

Blog Requirements:

  • ~1500-2500 words
  • sections, headers, etc
  • styled text THINK ABOUT TYPOGRAPHY (of some sort)
  • Use at least 5 audio-visual elements
    • images
    • gifs
      • movies
    • sounds and songs
    • tables
    • etc.
  • Use at least 5 links to external sources (more is better)
  • Use at least 3 references from the course
    • sources must come from at least 2 sections of the course
    • all quotations must be internally linked (anchored) to references
    • see this blog post for a tutorial on block quotes and anchor links
  • categories and tags

Paper Requirements:

  • 5-7 pages
    • Times New Roman font
    • 12 point font
    • double spaced
    • 1 inch margins
  • Formal academic language
  • References
    • Use at least 3 references from the course
      • sources must come from at least 2 sections of the course
    • External sources allowed, but they must also be listed and do not count for the above requirement

Due Date:

Thursday, May 11, 11:00am


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