League of Art


There has been a controversy for a while now to decide if video games are actually art. Recently more and more opinions have been feeling that video games ARE art. There are several things that goes into making video games and about them that could consider them art. Things such as collaboration to finish the design of the game continuously making progress to get one final project and the aesthetics factor of the game. I will be arguing that League of Legends is art because it uses progress as in patching every couple weeks changing the game just a little bit causing for players to react to it, the aesthetics of skins allowing you to make your character’s look different with some different animations, how it requires collaboration of designers working together to achieve a certain goal of improving the game more and how you must work together with your team to win the game. ga_word_0

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena, also known as moba, that was first started in 2006 and was later released by Riot Games on October 27,2009. When League of Legends was first released it was only available to those people that signed up to be a beta tester of the game. For being one of the few beta testers you were given a special icon to display that shows you were one of the fortunate ones to be a beta tester. The main objective of League of Legends is to work together with your team to destroy the enemy’s team nexus. The nexus is what spawns the minions. In order for you to get to that level of destroying the enemy team’s nexus you need to get stronger throughout the game to be able to destroy your opponent’s base. There are currently 136 champions that you are able to play with each one being very different from the rest. Each champion has certain abilities such as healing, shielding, and etc. For the beginning minutes of the game you are spent killing minions to get gold that ranges may vary depending on the minion killed. Another way of getting gold is by getting kills and assists. After you have sufficient amount of gold you are able to buy specific items that results in you getting stronger. Just because you are stronger doesn’t result in you automatically win, it certainly does help because you would be able to kill the opponents resulting in you being able to destroy their base. Initially, when League of Legends first started up there were 3 main maps you can choose to play from which are : Twisted Tree line, Dominion, and the most popular Summoner’s Rift. Later on Riot Games added the map of Howling Abyss and later retiring the map of Dominion. Each map has a different way on how the base is set up.

Maps as Art

Twisted Treeline700x300_header_treeline

With the 3 initial maps each one is very different from the others making it unique. In Twisted Treeline, it’s the only map that is a 3v3 or 3 against 3 map while the rest are 5v5. With Twisted Treeline being a 3v3 map it results in having a smaller map than the other possible maps. In Twisted Treeline there are 2 “lanes” that 2 of the 3 players usually go to with the last player being in the jungle which is the middle area of the map. The jungle spends their time killing monster camps and then tries to attempt the kill the enemy team’s laners to get their own team an advantage. The main differences that Twisted Treeline has from other maps is that it is a map designed for 3v3 and how it has a Vilemaw monster instead of the usual Baron Nashor on Summoner’s Rift.

Dominion Crystal Scar

Dominion is unique in the fact that it is the only map that you’re not trying to destroy the opponent’s base. In Dominion, each team starts off with 500 points and there are 5 pillar towers that are the primary objective. This game mode is very similar to Call of Duty’s Domination. With each pillar controlled your opponent begins to lose more and more points. Eventually when a team reaches 0 points it results in the nexus being destroyed. Dominion is different from the other maps as how there are speed pads that make you run faster and health packs for you to heal from rather than for you to go back to base and potentially lose control over the pillar tower. Even though it seems as an interesting game mode it was not played as much and then was later retired as a result.

Howling Abyss


Howling Abyss is the most recent map that has been added to the game. Howling Abyss is the map where you play the game mode ARAM or All Random All Mid which is that everyone gets a random champion and tries to win with their randomly selected champion. This game mode has been known to be less competitive because of the fact that you don’t get to choose your champion. Supposedly this game mode is more for fun and messing around. A very cool thing about Howling Abyss is that it’s just all on an icy bridge.

Summoner’s Rift


Finally the last map is Summoner’s Rift, which is the most popular map that is played on. Summoner’s Rift is one of the most played maps because it is a relatively large map and has several factors like different types of dragons, a Baron Nashor, and 3 lanes (Top, Mid, and Bot). Being so big it requires more teamwork since if you are left alone in a certain area without your team then it is easier for the other team to come and kill you resulting in your team being down a player for a couple of seconds. As being one of the original maps there are some special events that changes the aesthetics of the map such as in winter the map changes to a more winter type of environment such as with snow and etc. The map design has been finished for a while, but the changing aesthetics gives a different look for the map.

Professional League of Legends

In League of Legends there are seasons, just like how basketball and basically every sport has seasons. So far League of Legends is currently in it’s 7th season, every year there is the World Championships, where the top 3 teams of every main region plus 2 wild card teams battle it out and see who is the best team in the world. Every year the World Championship changes location. Back in season 3(4 years ago) the World Championships were held in the Staples Center in Los Angeles, where the Lakers and Clippers play. You wouldn’t expect for an Esport game to sell out completely a  legendary sports arena like the Staples Center. This shows how much progress professional League of Legends  has made beginning from playing the Riot Offices to now huge sports arenas around the world. Majority of the professional League of Legends players choose to play competitively than to go to college because it is something they are passionate about and won’t have the opportunity to do so later. There are players that make about 6 figure salaries with all expenses paid for just for being a part of the team and competing. This is an extraordinary number because the average salary right out of college is significantly less than 6 figures.

How is League art?

League of Legends is art because since League of Legends was starting the designers had to continually make progress to have a finished project. Even now that the game is finished with the design there are still changes being made to the game every couple of weeks such as having different patches. In every patch there are several things that are changing such as buffing/nerfing champions, adding new champions, adding a new game mode, adjusting item costs and stats. Howard Becker once stated that

“The list of things that must be done varies, naturally, from one medium to another, but we can provisionally list the kinds of activities that must be performed. To begin, someone must have an idea of what kind of work is to be made and of its specific form. The originators may get that idea long before actually making the work, or the idea may arise in the process of working. The idea may be brilliant and original, profound and moving, or trivial and banal, for all practical purposes indistinguishable from thousands of other ideas produced by others equally untalented or uninterested in what they are doing.”(Howard Becker 1982, p. 2)


As this shows that the designers must go through some process to get the final project as to what League of Legend does with it’s patches every couple weeks or so improving the game making it better. Another quote of Becker says that

“All artistic artwork, like all human activity, involves the joint activity of a number, often a large number, of people. Through their cooperation, the artwork we eventually see or hear comes to be and continues to be” (Howard Becker, p. 1)

As this also supports how League of Legends and other game must go through process to get to the final object. Another way of interpreting this could be that you must work together in the game if you want to win if not it will be extremely hard. Working together is the easiest way you will win.

Another way that League of Legends is art because its fundamental amount of aesthetics throughout the game such as having different skins for different champions that have different animations. These aesthetics trap the player into wanting to play that champion even more or to get a specific skin for their favorite champion. As stated by Clark and Mitchell:

Video game art is a constantly evolving and mutating field. This is inevitable as it is not built on one dominant application, programming language, medium, or aesthetic, nor does it consist of a single, homogeneous, community. But this also means that the work is very diverse and cannot, therefore, be easily or rigidly defined in terms of its themes, technology or techniques. Even so, the work shares a number of common characteristics, and although not every work will have or display all of them, we can use these to help to recognize video game art and acknowledge it as a coherent genre of work (and a valid critical term to describe this type of work).” (Clark and Mitchell)

This is can tie in with the aesthetic trappings of League of Legends because no skin is the same but they do have similarities such as the warden set of skins, the championship skins and etc.



“Art Worlds and Collective Activity” in Art Worlds. Berkeley: University of California Press: pp. 1-39.

Andy Clarke and Grethe Mitchell. (2007). “Introduction.” In Videogames and Art. Bristol; Chicago: Intellect. pp. 7-22


NBA 2k17 Basketball as Art


What is Game?
Game according to Merriam-Webster is ” Activity engaged in  for diversion or amusement.”

What is Art?

Art according to Merriam-Webster is ” The conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects”
What is NBA 2k17?

NBA 2k17 is basketball game that changes every year because throughout the year there are several changes that the NBA season goes through, the most obvious being players getting traded to different teams perhaps beneficial or not. NBA 2k17 is a basketball game, developed by Visual Concepts  and published by 2k Sports, that revolves around the NBA.In the beginning you have the option to  build your own player and start your own career from high school transitioning to getting offers from several colleges to later starting your career in the NBA.

maxresdefault2 Throughout your career with each game played you begin to earn coins that can be used to improve your skills as a basketball player such as ; Shooting off dribble, layups & dunks, mid-range shooting, 3 point shooting, post scoring, agility, strength,rebounding, play making and defending. Another way to earn coins is to purchase them via store that requires real cash. Majority of people prefer not to spend their real life money on the game and rather just get improvements by playing more and more.maxresdefault3NBA 2k17 as a Game

NBA 2k17 has simple mechanics with are jump, pass, shoot, sprint, and jump. Yes there are also way more complex mechanics in the game such as doing dribbling moves, calling plays, etc. As a game it is relatively fun if you enjoy the game of basketball, but can get very repetitive very fast.  NBA 2k17 is a sports game that is never ending because you can continue to play vs people whenever, and the story doesn’t end it just keeps going on and on. You must work together as a team to try your best to score the most points against your competitor to win the game.



With NBA 2k17 having multiplayer on it, you are able to play against your friends and random people online attracting several people. Playing with/against friends is always competitive since you don’t want to be the loser and get trash talked. People tend to have a “2K Tournament” when there is a social gathering or just for fun to see who is the best at NBA 2K17. Even though 2K17 is a very fun game, it can be very frustrating when things aren’t going your way such as turning over the ball, getting an A+ shot rating and still end up missing the shot, and things occurring that you didn’t command to happen such as passing to the wrong player, switching the wrong player, and mistakenly shooting the ball.



Comparing NBA 2K16 to NBA 2K17 the graphics are so much smoother and more advanced that you are more realistic. Not only are the graphics smoother but the animations throughout the game are more noticeable such as when a player “gets their ankles broken” and “posterized” than in previous versions of the game.


Summary of NBA 2K17 as a Game

NBA 2K17 is a basketball game that is all about the game of basketball and your created character. Throughout the game you can pick an NBA team, retro NBA team, and teams from different leagues and play against each other. You must work as a team to end up on top of the opposing team. You can only control one player at a time which makes it challenging. Inputting different commands allows you to control your player to what you want them to do such as pass, dribble, and/or shoot the ball. NBA 2K17 in general is a very competitive game that goes back and forth on possessions trying to score the most points possible in the end to win the game.

NBA 2K17 as Art

The game of basketball is not just a sport for people, to some people it is their profession and life. The game of basketball is an art because all the people on the team and organization work together to achieve an ultimate goal which is winning games that lead to a championship to prove that you are the best and being named the champion. Art is an “activity which is essentially: free (voluntary), separate [in time and place], uncertain, unproductive, governed by rules, make-believe.”(Caillois 10) Similar to art, many people can work on a project to achieve one end goal which is the final result of the project. Likewise in basketball  to art, the main credit goes to the head person/organization and not to everyone that contributed. When you first think of championships you will think of the team that won then to the players and coaching staff that were on that winning team. In basketball there are several things that can be considered art such as a crazy dunk, great ball movement,game winning shots/blocks, and crazy dribbling moves. For some people those things are just nothing special for them and will forget about them, but to some people those things are what makes basketball and NBA 2K17 so special and meaningful. Basketball is an amazing game that can be admired in many different  ways similar to art.


Basketball isn’t just a sport. It is an art, one that must be mastered to succeed.
Stephen Curry 2 time MVP

Basketball isn’t a game; It’s an art form. You master the fundamentals so you can forget ’em, so you can improvise and just concentrate on what really matters: getting buckets.
Kyrie Irving

Pokemon GO and Get Up!!!


Pokemon Overview

Pokémon is an animated TV series that became very popular with the hit catchy theme song. Pokémon had the intended crowd of children and was a very popular game on several different consoles with different versions starting off at Pokémon Red and Blue, then yellow shortly after that, finally ending with the last two versions of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Niantic was the first “author” to make Pokémon pop up in the real world  with  the mobile app of Pokémon Go. We all have played or known someone that has played Pokémon Go, since it was released in the summer on July 9th, 2016. The “author” or developer of the game Pokémon Go was Niantic. Niantic was originally formed in 2010 with their first augmented reality mobile game of Ingress.


What is it about?

In Pokémon GO, your task is to complete your pokedex, have the strongest pokémon, and take over the gyms in your area. In order for you to take over a gym you must join one team out of 3 once you reach level 5, the teams are: Valor, Instinct, and Mystic all being favored to the 3 legendary bird pokemon of Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno. With taking over gyms you are able to seek rewards depending on how many gyms you are a part of. The reward is 500 stardust and 10 coins per gym you are a part of. With stardust and the candy to that specific pokémon you are able to power up your pokémon caught resulting in them becoming a stronger CP (combat power).Niantic not only created the incredibly popular mobile app of Pokémon GO, but they also created the aesthetics of the game such as being able to catch a pokémon and snap a picture of it where you found it with the augmented reality function of the game. pokemon-go-teams


With all the cool mechanics of the game and features of the game it resulted in becoming very popular because it was a way to relive your childhood,but not by playing Pokémon on a console but on your phone and in the real world. Even though there are several great features of the game that are similar to those of the console there are huge differences such as not being able to trade pokémon with other players and not being able to battle against your friends and others. pokemongender

Playing Pokémon GO since it first came out, I can argue that Niantic is an artist because this game was not just incredibly hyped up when it first came up, but it was a masterpiece that changed several lives causing several people to be come active and lose weight as a result of playing Pokémon GO and walking around. According to Becker, “The forms of cooperation may be ephemeral, but often become more or less routine, producing patterns of collective activity we can call an art world” resulting that working together as a developer help create an art world or in this case a video game. Becker feels that with collective activity results in art so with relating to Niantic and Pokemon GO all the people that are involved in Niantic could be labeled as “artists” because they created the masterpiece of Pokémon GO. It’s important for Niantic and others, that create different games, to be labeled artists because without those artists there would be no games resulting in less things to be viewed, played, and praised.

Howard Becker. (1982). “Art Worlds and Collective Activity” in Art Worlds. Berkeley: University of California Press: pp. 1-39.


Grand Theft Auto V The End to an Art Saga?

grand-theft-auto-5-pc-download-free2crack-com-picGrand Theft Auto V and the Grand Theft Auto video game series, in general, are one of the most popular open world action-adventure games where you are able to expand anywhere inside the game, there are no limits to the boundaries. Grand Theft Auto V was created by RockStar Games in September of 2013. Grand Theft Auto V is labeled as a rated R game requiring an individual must be the age of 17+ to purchase the video game since it is not a game that is meant for little kids. Even though it is a game that is labeled rated R, kids were able to beg their parents or someone else old enough to purchase the game for them. I’m pretty sure we all at one point in our lives have played any Grand Theft Auto game while we weren’t 17 or older. The game consists of completing several missions assigned throughout the game with the characters of Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Phillips. gta-v-pic1

There are also side missions that you are able to complete if you would like to after you finish with all the main missions. As well as completing these missions, you are able to basically do what ever you want in the game such as steal cars, kill people,etc. Another great thing about Grand Theft Auto V on top of having free will to do anything is that there is downloadable content to add on to the main campaign of the game. In Grand Theft Auto V you are able to play online with friends, so you are able to play and talk to your friends at the same time perhaps leading to more enjoyable game play. I know that I would rather play online with some friends than to play by myself, I would experience more fun and enjoy messing around with each other online. Having free will throughout the game, the downloadable content, being able to play with friends and a basically never ending game are several reasons why the Grand Theft Auto series has been so successful.maxresdefault3

Art, according to Wikipedia, is described as a diverse range of human activities creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts , expressing the author’s imaginative or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power. Grand Theft Auto V is art because you have free will to do anything in the area given, the same way artists have the ability to do what ever they want on the canvas given and it still be considered art. According to Benjamin, “Even the most perfect reproduction of art is lacking in one element: its presence in time and space, its unique existence at the place where it happens to be”, this relates to how Grand Theft Auto V is art because the place you are at in the game may be art to someone and just ordinary for the other. Also according to Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, “Ideal unity can enter the art consciousness only through the unfolding and then the reconciliation of particularization of the Idea, and, through this development,artistic beauty acquires a totality of particular stages and forms” this relates to Grand Theft Auto V because what Hegel is saying is that art requires progress, and in Grand Theft Auto V you are required to progress throughout the game by completing these missions to “complete” the game. In the end, Grand Theft Auto V can be classified as art because of the free will you have throughout the game to basically do whatever you want, as how artists have the same free will to do whatever they want.8542_640x360

Live the Kardashian Life!

1446197188kimkardashianThe game I choose to play for game #2 is the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game, produced by Glu Games. Many factors helped make my decision to play this game such as is it free, can I play it on my phone, and is it interesting. At first I wanted to play Kim Kardashian Hollywood because I remember when Kim Kardashian Hollywood first came out it was very hyped up being a good game and addicting once you begin. I was seeing several different reactions to this game on twitter and noticed majority of them were positive. Many people were extremely addicted to it because you get pulled in since the game is based on your own decisions and can be different for everyone else based on their decisions. Initially the game is free for you to download and play ,but you are able to spend real life money to help your character in Kim Kardashian Hollywood.

First in the game you begin to customize your character so you can choose if you would like to be a woman or a man, then dress your character as you want with the clothing provided. There are different options for clothing that you must use Kim Kardashian Stars to purchase, you are only given a certain amount of stars to begin with so you must purchase some Kim Kardashian stars for you to be able to have the amount needed to get those different clothing. Throughout the game you must use your lightning in your upper bar to finish your tasks that will then give you experience, perhaps some lightning back, and cash. As you go through the game you begin to run out of lightning more and more resulting in either; you wait for your lighting to recharge then play again or you can just simply buy lightning right there and continue playing. This a very good way the game can make money because it is very tempting to just purchase the lighting for you to continue playing.


According to Sutton -Smith, “That’s what play’s about, it makes you feel more comfortable in this existence… a reality different from the reality we live in that makes us more comfortable about the reality we live in…”, this is true applying it to Kim Kardashian Hollywood because throughout the game you feel good for completing these tasks and getting rewards such as money and leveling up your character. You begin to feel attached to your in game character as it was actually you completing these tasks. Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a game because as said by Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman “A game is a system in which players engage in an artificial conflict, defined by rules, that results in a quantifiable outcome.” (Salen and Zimmerman 2003), throughout playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood you have certain rules you must follow in order for you to advance in the game and giving you a quantifiable outcome based on the decisions you make. These decisions will make up what you will do in the future, such as in some situations you have a decision to flirt your way out of something or just make a basic choice. These decisions all affect how much progress you make in the game.

The game doesn’t have to be fun in order for it to be classified as a game because there are several different types of games such as puzzle games, story games and competitive games. As said by Raph Koster “ fun from game arises out of mastery”, people will develop fun based on the games they choose to have more and more mastery for such as puzzle games, story games and competitive games. For one person competitive games can be extremely fun for them since they really enjoy playing against other people, but can find puzzle games extremely boring. It can also go the other way such as a person really enjoys story games and playing alone rather than playing against other people. In the end the player is what choose the game they want to play and if they want to continue playing it if they are happy with the amount of fun they are getting out of the game. Honestly after playing Kim Kardashian it was relatively fun the first couple hours of playing, but soon got dry as you either had to pay for lightning to finish your task or just wait a couple minutes in order for you to play again. In my opinion, in general I didn’t find this game very fun as it doesn’t fit my criteria as a fun game.


Group 1:Aesthetics

Leo F, Jessica M, Christian C, Rodrigo C.

1.Definition: Aesthetic is the feeling you get when you hear, feel, or see smell, or taste something. It is basically the sensation we get.

2.Aesthetics relates to art which is the visual appearance as “fine” or “beautiful”. Aesthetics also can relate to culture, which is express of human dimension.

3.Aesthetics can be compared to course concepts such as fun because different styles can cause enjoyment like the stories and visuals.

4.We’ve seen aesthetics played in games such as space invaders in which every game has it’s own style, different controls, and sensory.

In the beginning for the definition of aesthetics, the author presents aesthetics as an objectively perfect sensory experience. However, towards the end of the definition, the author refers to these perfect experiences as subjective. This presents a somewhat contradictory and confusing view for the reader in regards to defining aesthetic.

The Best Arcade Game Ever?!

maxresdefault2pac_man_ms_pac_man_by_nes__still_the_best-d5s4qe5We all have once begged our parents asking them for a quarter just so they could be able to play PAC-Man. PAC-Man is one of the most iconic video games ever created in video game history. Mostly everyone has played PAC-Man or Ms. PAC-Man once in their life, perhaps even spending several quarters in one sitting just to constantly be playing. PAC-Man has very basic rules, which are to eat all the small dots before the ghosts eat you. As easy as it sounds PAC-Man can be very “fun” at times since you can continuously do well in the game based on the decisions you make such as which way you want to move to eat the small dots which increase your score with each dot you eat. Another way to increase your score in PAC-Man is to eat the bigger sized dots to allow you to eat the ghosts and have them wind up back in the ghost house. With simple mechanics it is a game that even children can play and get addicted to. “Play is a voluntary activity or occupation executed within certain fixed limits of time and place.”(Huizinga 28) In PAC-Man, you don’t technically have a time limit you will eventually have the ghosts begin to surround you even more and more causing you to choose wisely of the best route to avoid getting eaten by the ghosts and continue eating the small balls.  In PAC-Man you have a certain amount of area  that you are able to run around, as in certain spots you are able to enter on one side and end up completely on the other side. This is a great mechanic to use to help escape the ghosts and get to the other side to continue eating the small dots.

Fun is the feeling you get once you get better and better at a game and begin feel joy out of playing it. According to Roger Caillois, games must be “free in which playing is not obligatory”, even though PAC-Man is technically “free” since no one is forcing you to play, but back in the day when PAC-Man first came out in order for you to actually play you were forced to pay one quarter. Now with technology improving you can find free versions of PAC-Man and/or Ms.PAC-Man anywhere on the internet. In my two weeks of playing PAC-Man I would just google up PAC-Man and it would be free for you to play as much as you want which is a luxury that we didn’t have when it first came out back in 1980. Playing PAC-Man was fun because you get satisfaction for doing better and better each time you play. In the beginning of playing PAC-Man again, it brought several memories of when I was a kid competing with several of my friends trying to get the highest score possible before dying. PAC-Man is a great way to distract yourself from the real world and get zoned into the world of PAC-Man. Even though PAC-Man can be fun it can also be extremely irritating since you can run the possibility of not eating all the small dots so you can’t move on or having the ghosts eat you very quickly once you get in the game. In the end PAC-Man is one of the most iconic and well known video games in history that will always be remembered for it’s history in arcades for being a great source of fun for the small price of 25 cents.