Your Very own Hollywood Life!


For this week I choose to play the horrendous game by Glu Games, Kim Kardashian Hollywood and to focus on the if it can really be considered a “Game”. Despite my hate for the Kardashians and how we can’t go a day in the media without hearing about them I put our differences aside to evaluate this so called game. This game was available for IOS which made it easy for me to access it wherever and whenever. This game seemed interesting because I remember when it first came out all the “hype” about it. Everyone was playing so why not see what its about for this assignment. This game was quite different compared to my last week’s choice but all in all I would still have to consider it a game. To begin the game you are required to create an account in order to save progress. Upon creating a account you are also given the option to create an avatar, which can be personalize to look like you or simple just random. This avatar is a representation of yourself as you maneuver throughout the came. The controls are quite simple; I was only required to swipe or tap my screen which made it all easier.

The concept of the game is quite simple. You are trying to level up your character by doing certain tasks. In certain situations, you are given choices on what you can respond to other characters or what your own character will do in order to progress in the game. This is why I believe the Kardashian game can really be considered a “Game.” This can better be explained from the words of Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman,” A game is a system in which players engage in an artificial conflict, defined by rules, that results in a quantifiable outcome.” (Salen and Zimmerman 2003) One choice can affect you either in a good or bad way or one might have simply been the better option to increase you rate of progression. In the words of Alexander Galloway, we can further explain why it should be considered a game with the quote,” A game is an activity defined by rules in which players try to reach some sort of goal.” (Galloway 2006, p.1) We see as you progress throughout the game based on the choices you make on how to live your character’s life affect your further outcome in the game. For example, I was first given the choice to either let someone into the store I worked at, tell them we’re closed, or just walk away. Choosing to let them in gave me more money and points to level up vs the other choices.juul
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a “game” as ties into what we learned about the Hegemony of play production aspect, which is,” The production process and environment for the creation of digital games.” (Lucida 2007, p. 1, my emphasis) The game is based off of Kim Kardashian’s life and is influenced by how her life in Hollywood is like. Overall even though there were times when I was bored at the beginning, in the end I found myself pulled into the game. I wouldn’t say something has to be “fun” exactly to be a game but when there is a ranking system involved which in this case is your level it brings out the competitiveness in people that makes them want to continue to play. I found myself interested in how far I would be able to make it and if there would ever be an ending and this so of curiosity for the game I believe can be considered fun, Making it a game.


4 thoughts on “Your Very own Hollywood Life!

  1. So what was your choice last week? (in first paragraph). Also, be careful of your weighted language. “So-called” game is a very pointed statement, as the “so-called” POTUS is currently finding when calling people “so-called” judges. This is particularly important because you then go on to say it’s actually a game! So, either couch the language, or separate it out, but temper it. Otherwise, I’d say this post’s problem is that it’s dabbling too much. Salen and Zimmerman, Galloway, Ludica, and Juul’s diagram (with no explanation). Really focus on the theorists you choose to use, don’t just name drop them. You begin to do that with Salen and Zimmerman, and a tad with Galloway, but not really the next two. You could, of course, bring this all together by having a long tirade against your pre-hate for the so-called game, that is followed by a surprised evaluation how it IS a game, at least according to one person. Think about the best way to tell the thing you want to say.


  2. Wow your blog post was actually quite different from others posting about this game. You do start our bashing it quite hard but you enjoyed it in the end. What I found really interesting is your mention of a ranking system and “endless goal” of surpassing every other player. I didn’t know this from reading other posts as most would glaze over the simple tasks and options in the game. Would you find this game fun because you actually enjoyed it or was there a competitive drive that made you keep playing? The ranking would also make it more of a game as it could be said it adds to player effort and attachment to seeing your avatar beat everyone else on the score board.


  3. I could not agree more with your post because I too feel the same way about this game about how “fun” it really is. I feel you should have explained more about how each theorist’s point of view works or works against this game. Thought one thing I found interesting was that at time you found the game to be “pulling you in” because while I was playing this never really crossed my mind. It was just simply a boring game.


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