GTA V in the MoMA

The MoMA, or otherwise known as the Museum of Modern Art, has been around since the 1930’s. It was developed by Abby Aldrich Rockefeller with the help of her friends, Lillie P. Bliss and Mary Quinn Sullivan. The museum is located in New York City in Midtown Manhattan. This great Museum’s primary objective is to develop and collect modern art. It is one of the most influential museums in Modern Art in the world. It offers not only video games but architecture, painting, drawing, film, photography and much more. The influence that this museum has on the world of art is unrealistic. Building a collection of games is the only way that these games will really face the test in time.


(Official MoMA Website)

Grand Theft Auto V is a popular game played by over millions of people around the world. This game has sold over more than 75 million copies across different platforms. What makes this game such a hit revolves around many different aspects of this game. However, the reasons for Grand Theft Auto 5 not being put inside the MoMA is for a different reason. The MoMA excludes any games that show paraphernalia. Grand Theft Auto V contains content that is not supported by the MoMA, for example, being able to hit prostitutes with cars. The MoMA does not take in the fact that this game also not only touches all the criteria for the MoMA but capitalizes on each one of the topics by a landslide. These characteristics in this game make it worthy of being in the Museum of Modern Art. Under the criteria of the MoMA, Grand Theft Auto belongs in the modern art museum due to the Aesthetics, Space, Time and Behavior of the game. These criteria have an influence on our lives and affect the way that we interact with the game. Knowing that the game follows 90% of the MoMA’s criteria it should qualify for approval. Grand Theft Auto is one of the biggest names out there in modern games in this decade. Not putting this game into the MoMA would be denying the game throughout the history of time. The games now a days are being modernized including paraphernalia because in the are of Los Angeles is what really goes on in that city. That is real art. Hiding the things that really happen in that city which was published into the game would not make sense to make things look beautiful to the outside world. What the MoMA is denying is a true piece of art form, the visuals and included graphic only enhance and drag the player to the real life. In my opinion, the way that Grand Theft Auto V incorporates real situations in the game makes the game fifty times better. Taking out these scenes to hide what it really is, does not make sense to take that element out of the game. The characteristics of this game are what make the game so iconic.

GTA V now sold over 75 million copies!



            The aesthetics of the game make this game are not anything less than amazing. The minor details in this game make up the game for me. Details such as the phone messages, car shops, and being able to get paid for missions make the game a lot more fascinating. The way that this game incorporates a phone because you can choose which missions you want to take on. This option makes the game for me because it uses real life scenarios. The option to be able to use your phone and making the phone have a picture of the person you are talking to makes it seem a lot more realistic. The factor of having realistic features make the game make the game a lot more interesting and keeps the interest level at a high. Being able to take a car to the shop and customize your ride makes the game a lot more interesting. In the game you have the choice to customize your ride in anyway or any color you want. Being able to fix up your car is one of the best experiences in the game. Besides the fact that you have to go on missions to be able to pay for the fix up on the cars this is still one of the greatest ways to get along in the game. The last part is being able to get paid for completing missions. This is easier but lengthier process depending on the missions that you take on. Most of the missions have been added into the game after it was released. The missions involve robbing banks, stealing cars and even going underwater to sneak back all the cargo that was dropped. The missions are very intense and keep the audience entertained throughout the missions. This is something that no other game has put their players through. Although, this game is rated just like Sims, this is a lot better during gameplay because you are allowed to do anything you desire. There are really no limits in this game and that is just what makes the game a lot more fun.

(Top 5 GTA V Missions That Will Go Down History)



            The benefits of this game is that the boundaries are limitless. Just like the criteria suggests that there should be space in the game. The benefits of this game is that the way that Grand Theft Auto V incorporates real locations. This aspect in itself is what puts this game on a whole other level, this makes it better than just any Sims game. Why? Because it is a lot more relatable. If you have ever been to Los Angeles it is cool to see the city replicated into a game. RockStar (Developers) did an excellent job in putting these scenes into the game without making it look cheesy or corny. Details such as that really stand out when putting these games together because people really enjoy seeing how these games really come together.

As John Sharp states;

“All the core components of a game are present: a goal for the player to achieve, actions with which the player can pursue the goal, and resistance thwarting the player’s progress toward the goal, all contain within a play space” (Sharp, 8)

The tasks and missions that are assigned in this video game are all up to the player. Virtually the player controls what missions they choose to take on or what actions they decide to take. The player is in full control, the only thing that plays against this is if you need the money from missions to complete another objective. This is what makes the game fun and interesting. The missions are what make the game a lot more smoother and really ties the story mode together. The way that Grand Theft Auto makes good connections with the city of Los Angeles and makes the little details come together make the finished product that much more astonishing. Another way that this game can make use of space is that they incorporate real life places and use them in the game. In the game you can use your money to buy ammunition and guns as well. There really are no boundaries in this game so this game has no real boundaries. This is what makes this game so popular because you can do whatever you want in the game. Only one thing can really hold you back which is the cops chasing after you robbed a bank, and if you visit the projects. If you visit the gang affiliated communities and mess with any of the gangsters, you will get shot by all the people there. Talk about hurtful. But really that’s what happens when you mess with the gang.

(What happens when you visit gang related areas in GTA V)


            The behavior of this game is violent. The characteristics of this game makes the game violent. But that’s Grand Theft Auto for you. Knowing that this game is violent is exactly what makes the game such a hit. People play Grand Theft Auto to crash cars, steal money and run over prostitutes. You never hear anybody say, “I can’t wait to go play Grand Theft Auto to feed my virtual dog.” This is because that is not what Grand Theft Auto is for. The main goal of Grand Theft Auto is to just let out all the anger out into this game. This can lead to anything you possibly want. The choices are endless; you could do anything you want. Being able to buy guns and fix up your car or even go to any bar you want is just the pros that come along with this game. The more you start to play this game you start to realize the options that you have. But just like the way that you have the choice to do whatever you want there are cons… If you have ever played any multiplayer Grand Theft Auto anyone can just come up to you and shoot you. This is one of the annoying parts of the game because you cannot control what other people do to you. This comes along with playing the multiplayer version, you have the option to do what you want. Just as Koster states, “Games are external- they are about people’s actions. Stories (good ones, anyway) are internal-they are about people’s emotions and thoughts.” (Koster,88) The gameplay revolves around the thoughts of the player. The player can choose to do whatever he/she wants to do. Theres no rules saying you cannot rob a bank or you cannot run over pedestrians… this is the solely limitless games that has ever been made. This game can go down in history as one of the all time craziest games because you can virtually do anything illegal legally through this game.

(Featured gameplay below!)

GTA V Actual Gameplay!



Overall, Grand Theft Auto V has so much to offer. Although, this games shows a lot of paraphernalia I still believe that this game belongs in the MoMA. Whether that be in its own section in a mature section or in the MoMA with all the other great works, I feel that it should be incorporated inside there. A game that was bought by over 75 million people in the world and regularly played should be able to have its special spot in the MoMA. This is denying the developers at RockStar their recognition for the hard work they put into making this game. In the end it makes sense to incorporate the game of Grand Theft Auto inside the MoMA with other games that could relate to it. Many people can vouch for the characteristics of this game being up to par with the criteria of the MoMA to be able to have its place with the other games that made a difference in the game world. This game is revolutionary to the world because it is the most modern game to create such a piece showing the world of the lower life. It is a replication of what goes on in the streets and the criminal side of the world. Grand Theft Auto is art. Just because it replicates the ugly side of the world does not mean it is not art. This is a real life game. Just as Barthes said, “…the birth of the reader must be ransomed by the death of the author” (Barthes, 6) The birth of a reader could be the start of a new game. Yet, the author had to put in everything to make a game the way that it is to make it. The game ties together all factors of the game to make the game more playable and easier for the player. This is what makes the game a lot more enjoyable at the end of the day.

GTA V Download Link


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John Sharp. (2015). “Artgames.” In Works of Game.

Koster, Raph. Theory of Fun for Game Design. Scottsdale, US: Paraglyph Press, 2004. ProQuest ebrary. Web. 31 January 2017.


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