Defining and Applying ‘Dialectic’

1. General Definition

Dialectic: Discussion and debate to investigate the truth; unification of opposites.

2. How does it relate to other terms?

In this specific case, dialectic relates to aesthetic, art and culture by the unification of opposites. There is an ongoing debate among scholars about how to properly define these terms. Dialectic then, would bring these terms together saying that a dialectic discussion would define your aesthetic, art and culture.

3. How does it relate to other course concepts?

It relates to the concepts of play and games as art, because all of our readings discuss different theorists coming to a simplified understanding of play and art.

4. How can we see it at play with the games we’ve seen so far?

In the case of the Final Fantasy series (and in most other videogames) the graphics have continuously improved over the years. Gameplay has also become more sophisticated with the addition of more and more features, though some would argue with good reason that there has been a regression in the amount of innovation in videogames made nowadays.

Written by: Gautam Panakkal, Eloy Oakley & Daniela Velazquez


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