Art to Fighting Game to Art?



A Fighting Game That Stood Out

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 is the third installment in it’s series of fighting games. There had already been many fighting games before it but Marvel VS Capcom was unique in it’s style as it pit comic book characters and video game characters into what if scenarios. It was also one of the first games to create the tag team battle system allowing players to choose more than one character and rotate mid battle. It started off as an arcade machine that gathered much attention from capcom fans and marvel comic fans alike. The game kept a unique style by incorporating it’s fighting roster’s origins into their fighting styles and making the game unique and varied. The games have also kept an art style as if the video game was ripped off the pages of a comic book.

From Comic Book Art to Fighter

Marvel and Capcom already had a great business relationship from earlier titles Capcom had created with marvel’s X-men license. It started as a simple X-Men Street Fighter cross over game that garnered enough attention to encourage marvel and capcom to use their license entirety. Marvel Characters in general already had a rich history and Capcom knew they would have to use this art to their advantage. They, along with Marvel created short comic books that would create a story for the Marvel VS Capcom Series and



9 thoughts on “Art to Fighting Game to Art?

  1. I remember playing Marvel vs Capcom 2 on the Dreamcast. I feel old just talking about it. I was so surprised when I found out they were making a third game cause it had been so long since the second came out. I didn’t know the history of the game started with just an x-men crossover. That’s pretty cool.


  2. I love how this is an example of video games as art since it went from comic book art to fighter. Marvel is well known for its comic books, turned films, and now popular video games. Love how they really focused on the unique fighting styles when making this game, especially the variety.


  3. The Marvel Vs. Capcom is one of my favorite gaming series of all time. I liked the background description of both the Marvel and Capcom characters. However, I would have loved to continue to read your blog but it seems that you turned it in unfinished.


  4. How do any of the people we have read about in the class support your blog? And what kind of examples in the game qualify them as art besides it orginating from a comic book?


    • Only this blog entry of mine is like this, the rest of it was deleted or lost during submission, classmates already pointed it out to me during class and I even spoke about it during my meeting. I’ll fix it before the semester is over but it’s already been graded and it’s demoralizing to lose everything I did so I haven’t been able to look at it for that reason. It went into detail and the history of Marvel Comics and how Comics have also been in debate about being classified as art. Then I went into detail about how UMvC3 was a videogame created in a way to mimic the art of a comic book which made it a really strange type of game art style. I also made points on how classifying this game as art and seeing it as art would also made comic books be seen as art. I had included links to the amount of actual art work that went into the game as well before it even became a functioning game and the amount of skill that went to recreating all of that as a game, basically from 2D print to 3D characters. I also wrote about how much of a curve ball the game was by being a fighting game because it missed the opportunity to make a story out of all the character’s long histories, since they already had long histories from their comics and games respectively.


      • I’m sorry your content was deleted. Do you think the argument that comic books are art is difficult to support and did that make calling this game a form of art more difficult to classify?


  5. This is definitely one of my favorite fighting games to play. I remember playing it at the arcade which is why it has become one of my favorites. I enjoyed your point about the relationship marvel and capcom had and how they took advantage of that to make this great game.


  6. The mixture of comic and capcom fighter is a real good combination. Hopefully the new one will meet expectations. The cross over of such well known groups really helps bring in the cultures of practice and allow for new experiences in media and expression. Great post.


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