Group 1:Aesthetics

Leo F, Jessica M, Christian C, Rodrigo C.

1.Definition: Aesthetic is the feeling you get when you hear, feel, or see smell, or taste something. It is basically the sensation we get.

2.Aesthetics relates to art which is the visual appearance as “fine” or “beautiful”. Aesthetics also can relate to culture, which is express of human dimension.

3.Aesthetics can be compared to course concepts such as fun because different styles can cause enjoyment like the stories and visuals.

4.We’ve seen aesthetics played in games such as space invaders in which every game has it’s own style, different controls, and sensory.

In the beginning for the definition of aesthetics, the author presents aesthetics as an objectively perfect sensory experience. However, towards the end of the definition, the author refers to these perfect experiences as subjective. This presents a somewhat contradictory and confusing view for the reader in regards to defining aesthetic.


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